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50 Cent Mocks Redman:Throws Shade on Decision

50 Cent Mocks Redman:Throws Shade on Decision

50 Cent Mock’s Redman: Throws Shade on Decision. Rapper Redman was in a few episodes of ‘Power Book 2.” However, when Redman was asked to take a vaccine for Covid-19, he refused. Recently, Redman spoke about why he did not return to the show. After hearing what Redman said, 50 Cent clowned him.

50 Cent’s Stinging Remarks on Redman’s ‘Power’ Rejection

50 Cent Mock’s Redman: Throws Shade on Decision.

Redman’s announcement was met with some controversy.

Especially since many actors decided to get vaccinated to continue working.

However, Redman did the complete opposite, saying,


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Taking to Instagram, 50 Cent unleashed this,

“He’s not lying he walked right away [walk away emoji] from the #1 show in African American and Latino house holds,” he said. “SMH [laughing and squinting eyes emoji] I took the shot fuck that. LOL.”

This comment mocked Redman’s decision to allegedly protect his health, as stated by Hip Hop DX.

Continuing his assault on Redman, 50 Cent shared another post, this time featuring a photoshopped image of Redman’s face on a clown’s body.

This sarcastic and mocking comment highlighted 50 Cent’s belief that Redman’s refusal to join the popular show was misguided.

But Redman is not the only actor/rapper who decided not to take the coronavirus vaccine.

Of course, there has been so much controversy about the vaccine.

Some people wonder what effects their bodies will have from taking it.

While others have been fully vaccinated, either way, this issue is not going away any time soon.

Especially since more strains of the virus are allegedly coming down the pike.

Nevertheless, it is a personal choice whether to take the vaccine.

Thankfully we have the right to be vaccinated or not to be vaccinated.

At any rate, Redman is still one of hip-hop’s legendary rappers.

Check out the video below for more commentary.

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