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Fresh and Fit Demolished Within Seconds By Brittany Renner

Fresh and Fit Demolished Within Seconds By Brittany Renner

The Fresh and Fit Podcast has been destroyed for their talking points on women, Black women in particular. These two men, both of African descent have made derogatory remarks about black women in reference to their preference for other women.

They have said things like “If you want to date a bunch of Laquisha’s go for it… we don’t play in the dark… we… are not night riders….black girls are ratchet, annoying, etc.” Men and women alike have taken to social media to express their disgust in the bigoted speaking points and alleged internalized racism.

Fresh and Fit Podcast Refer To Black Women as Laquisha’s

In an unlikely turn of events, the Fresh and Fit co-hosts Amrou Fudl aka Myron Gaines and Walter Weekes were devoured by Instagram model Brittany Renner. Amrou Fudl did make an exception for “redbones” when he referred to his disdain for black women. He said that lighter-skinned black women were acceptable.

That being the case, Brittany Renner walks into an interview with them, not on the Fresh and Fit podcast but on another show by DJ Akademiks, fitting into their beauty preferences, and proceeds to deride them.

The Co-Hosts of Fresh and Fit Podcast, Defeated by Brittany Renner

Brittany Renner went from being the punchline of several unfortunate jokes as a young mother to a professional athlete to the internet’s hero when it comes to confronting these men struggling with an apparent case of internalized racism.

The Fresh and Fit podcast co-hosts belong to a group of men called the manosphere. The manosphere has several sub-sections, one of which is the black manosphere. A space where black women receive no mercy and the harshest form of judgment.

What is The Black Manosphere and What is Their Mission?

The manosphere is home to the passport brothers who claim that it is far better to get a passport and find women outside of America. As well as SYSBM which means “save Yourself Black Men” and by “save” yourselves to Black American men, they mean from Black American women. There are also Red pill communities (oddly enough, inspired by the matrix, which was written by Sophia Stewart, a Black woman).

These groups have existed for years in internet chatrooms, on Youtube, Reddit, etc. The space has grown to an incredible degree thanks to the viral success of Kevin Samuels, a manosphere youtube content creator. His success has shined a light on other members of the manosphere and its nature.

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