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Exclusive Interview With Layzie Bone Of Bone Thug – N- Harmony!!!

Exclusive Interview With Layzie Bone Of Bone Thug – N- Harmony!!!

Before the actual Verzuz between 36 Mafia and Bone Thugs -N-Harmony had beef. In the 1990s these two legendary rap groups had similar styles. And, allegedly this is what initially started their beef.

The Beef Between Bone Thugs -N- Harmony & Three 6 Mafia

It has been a long time since Bone Thugs – N- Harmony had a hit. Also, Three 6 Mafia seemed to disappear from the rap music scene, as well. However, because of the greatness of the two groups, people wanted to see a Verzuz between them. And, rightfully so, since these groups helped to define rap music in the ’90s.

In an interview with Live with Steve Lobel, DJ Paul talked about Bone Thugs – N – Harmony and Three 6 Mafia alleged beef. The Memphis rapper explained his thoughts on what really happened, as reported by hip hop dx.

Both groups had similar rap styles. Apparently, that is what caused some of the misunderstandings. The rap groups Three 6 Mafia members thought Bone Thugs – N – Harmony stole their music style.

Eventually, the groups would see each other from time – to – time, and some sort of altercation would occur. Some say, there may have been some pushing and shoving between members of each group. However, it happened so long ago, the details are a little sketchy.

Be that as it may, there seemed to be something going on with these legendary rap groups. But throughout the year’s things died down. Recently, the two groups met on stage during a Verzuz. Let me just say it went a little left.

Of course, Krayzie Bone’s had a different perspective. It was in an interview back in 2013 he gave his explanation on what happened to cause the beef between the two rap groups.

Krayzie mentioned the alleged beef started after reading fan mail. Allegedly, there was a female fan from Memphis who mentioned Three 6 Mafia was copying Bone Thug’s style. Apparently, that sort of ignited the alleged beef,

It was during a show in Memphis where Bone Thugs was going on stage and Three 6 Mafia has already performed where things go a little hairy. Again, it was so long ago that it is hard to pinpoint the issue.

Overall, peace was made between the groups. The rest is history.

lazy bones

Check out the video above for more details.

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