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Does Hollywood Emasculate Black Actors Like Martin???

Does Hollywood Emasculate Black Actors Like Martin???

Does Hollywood emasculate black actors like Martin? There have been so many black male actors who have put on dresses for fame. How many of us laughed at these black actors on sitcoms  and movies portraying females? After all, the comedy was hilarious, to say the least.

Are black Hollywood male actors more successful dressing in drag?

This Hollywood subject is very touchy in the Black community. Should black male actors put on dresses to make us laugh? What does emasculation mean to our young black males? Emasculation deprives a male of his identity. In other words, emasculation can make one weak or less effective. So the question becomes how do we stop promoting this demoralization of black males in Hollywood? After all many of our youth watch television and movies.Therefore, it is important that they see black males on the screen that depict strength and power. Rather than being influenced by comedy that shows a feminine portrayal of black males.

Hollywood has a different take on males in drag

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, male actors dressing in drag is more appealing to audiences. Actors like Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Tom Hanks all dressed in drag. Did it make these white actors less powerful? What is the difference between Tyler Perry, Jamie Foxx, Martin Lawrence, Kevin Hart,Ving Rhames, and Eddie Murphy dressing in drag mean? Could that during slavery many black males were castrated to emasculate them? And, therefore, black male actors dressing in drag is a painful reminder. Chris weighed in on the debate by adding this:

” Men dressing as women is a comedy staple, like a pie in the face,”Rock said. “For a lot of film critics, the greatest comedy ever made is “Some Like It Hot,’ where Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis dress up as women. I like Madea. I got no problem with Madea.”


On the other hand, professor Boyd of USC  begs to differ:

“You have to dive into the deep waters of slavery to understand it, “Boyd said.
During those times, the black man was thought to be a physical threat, violent. One way white [slave owners] thought of to deal with that, short of murder, was castration as a way to emasculate them.”

Clearly, you can see that this is a serious issue. While it may be good for white male actors to dress in drag it is not for black male actors. Whether dressing in drag helps to soften the way in which Americans see black men is questionable. Unfortunately, some black Hollywood actors will continue to dress in drag. Especially, if it means greater success for their careers. Denzel Washington is an academy award winning black actor who has never dressed in drag. Think about it!!!!

martin lawrence

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