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Dennis Rodman & Tamar On Surreal Life

Dennis Rodman & Tamar On Surreal Life

Dennis Rodman & Tamar On Surreal Life. The VH1 reality show airs on October 24th. We get to see these celebrities live under one roof.

The Reality Show”The Surreal Life Has Many Surprises

Dennis Rodman & Tamar On Surreal Life. This is a reboot. On the original show, Flava Flav and Bridgette Neilson, and other famous celebrities.

In this reboot, singer August Alsina, Story Daniels, Frank Muniz, Kim Coles, Manny Mua, and CJ Perry will join Dennis Rodman and Tamar Braxton. They all will be living in Glenn Campbell’s home.

Glen Campbell was a legendary folk singer. It will be interesting to see how these diverse groups get along. The premise of the reality show is to present different challenges. Each celebrity will be competing.

The Surreal Life is being produced by MTV Entertainment group. Nina L Diaz, who is the president and content chief creator shared this,

“We are excited to see how this stellar celebrity cast will make captivating television for audiences everywhere.”

According to Deadline, MTV Entertainment is bringing back other popular reality shows such as, (Cribs, The Real World, Behind the Music, Ink Master, and Dating Naked). However, the focus is on Surreal Life.

At this point, we don’t know when the other reality show will air. But I am sure Surreal Life will be very entertaining. Especially since Tamar and Dennis are extremely animated personalities.

In fact, I wonder if Dennis and Tamar will do a lot of scenes together. I will be watching this show. Generally speaking, I am not a big fan of reality TV.

Nevertheless, this may be a good comeback for the reality remake. Keep in mind, none of these are strangers to controversy. In fact, basketball legend Dennis Rodman has been in the hot seat.

He is friends with North Korean dictator Kim Jony Un. Now, that is some really weird stuff. Also, Story Daniels, a former porn star was involved in the president Trump scandal. Need I say more?

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