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Chris Brown Faces Backlash Over Nice Hair Lyrics!!!

Chris Brown Faces Backlash Over Nice Hair Lyrics!!!

Chris Brown faces backlash over nice hair lyrics. Chris is no stranger to controversy. However, this comment about his preference in hair could cause him to lose fans. Especially, since he not only downed black women hair but he called them black b**ches. Wow!

Chris Brown – there is not such thing as nice hair

Chris Brown is certainly not a hair expert. Because he would know that there is no such thing as “nice hair.”  In fact, hair is not determined by being nappy or straight. Cosmetologist who are beauty experts speak about hair in terms of texture, i.e. fine, thin, coarse etc. But, it did not stop Chris from making comparisons in his lyrics. Chris released  his discography last Friday”Indigo.” After hearing the song ” Need A Stack” some of his fans pushed the pause button on Chris, according to BET. Here is the verse that has some some black women upset:

“Diggin’ it, then I’m lickin’ all that p**sy, put it right there/Only wanna f*ck the black b**ches with the nice hair,” he rhymes.”

Obviously, you can understand why black women would be livid. Chris made a huge mistake by referring to black women as b**ches. And, to add insult to injury Chris mentions his preference about black women hair types. Chris comments could be considered offensive and discriminatory against black women. Whether Chris only meant to voice his personal preference is irrelevant.

Here are some facts about black hair

The “Nappy Hair” controversy goes way back. It is a European concept that causes people to make comparisons between blacks having bad/nappy hair and whites having good /straight hair. Society at large has been brainwashed to believe that straight hair is associated with good hair. And, nappy hair/coarse hair is bad or less acceptable. The experts (Cosmetologist) beg to differ. There are difference textures, i.e. (fine, thin, coarse etc.) not straight or nappy. Isn’t it enough that black women face insurmountable obstacles, why add to the stereo type, Chris Brown?

Chris Brown

Check out the video above for more details

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