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Meek Mill Calls DJ Drama “Goofy” in Twitter Rant

Meek Mill Calls DJ Drama “Goofy” in Twitter Rant

Meek Mill Calls DJ Drama “Goofy” in Twitter Rant. The Philly rapper, has recently called out DJ Drama for comparing Drake to him. And, things got really heated.

Meek Mill Takes to Twitter to Call Out DJ Drama

Meek Mill Calls DJ Drama “Goofy” in Twitter Rant.

In a series of tweets Meek aired his grievances with DJ Drama out.

Drama refuses to speak good”of him, as stated by Vibe.

He claimed that Drama was jealous of his success and had not supported him in his recent endeavors.

Also, Meek accused Drama of trying to hold him back and not allowing him to release music without Drama’s approval.

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When Meek was found in a similar situation he did not make comparison between DJ Khaled and DJ Drama.

I guess Meek was expecting Drama to do the same.

Especially since, both are native Philadelphians.

However, that did not happen and Meek let Drama know it.

Furthermore, Meek made sure Drama knew he should not compare him to anyone.

In other words, Meek considers himself to be in a league all alone.

Meek Claims DJ Drama Spoke Against Him

The most notable insult that Meek Mill threw at DJ Drama was calling him “goofy.”

Hip-hop often uses this term to insult someone’s credibility or intelligence.

It was done to imply that DJ Drama was not a severe or respected figure in the music industry.

Overall, Meek’s rant seemed to be a way to express his frustration, as stated by XXL Mag.

Perhaps, Drama did not mean to insult Meek but he did.

Nevertheless, Meek took Drama’s words to heart.

Whether or not the two can reconcile remains to be seen.

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