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Maino And Wack 100 Rekindle Their Beef

Maino And Wack 100 Rekindle Their Beef

Maino And Wack 100 Rekindle Their Beef. The men argued about a situation concerning Troy Ave. And, things went left.

Was Wack And Maino Beefing Over Troy Ave’s ‘Fake Chain?’

Maino And Wack 100 Rekindle Their Beef. First let’s revisit the initial beef.

Maino and Wack started having word back in 2017. It was after the diss song“Pest Control.”

Jayceon “The Game” Taylor dissed Meek Mill on the track. Shortly after, Maino took issue with it.

That is when all hell broke loose, as stated by XXL Mag.

From that point on, trouble between Maino and Wack brewed.

Fast forward, apparently, their issues re-started over Troy Ave.

A few months back, Wack allegedly accused Maino of snitching.

In an alleged video Wack mentioned a person from Maino’s past has proof.

Of course, Maino clapped back at Wack. Things started to die down.

However, once again, Wack started ignited their feud.

This time, Wack went after Maino for talking smack.

In other words, Maino allegedly belittled Troy Ave.

During the IG live both men got into a heated exchange.

Apparently, Maino claimed Troy Ave ‘Jesus chain” was fake.

Troy Ave was wearing the night his bodyguard was gunned down.

We are familiar with the events that lead up to Ronald”Banga”McPhatter’s shooting.

Unfortunately, Troy Ave and Taxstone were involved in a shooting.

McPhatter was shot and killed by Taxstone at Irving Plaza in New York, as stated by Hip Hop Dx.

Any way, Maino claims he has Troy Ave’s chain. And, the suggests he was keeping it for a reason,

Here is his explanation,

“This is your Jesus piece,” he said. “This is the Jesus piece that you wore every single day. You got up, you went to video shoots wit,’ you got up, you put this around your neck.”

“The significant thing about this chain is, ’cause I don’t want people to think, ‘Oh, Maino grimey, he got his chain,'” he continued. “This is the chain that Troy Ave was wearing when he got into his scuffle at Irving Plaza. And the reason why I held this chain is, not because I didn’t want to give it back, but because I just felt like maybe one day I’d have to step on him and remind him of who he really is.”

Wack did not like what Maino said. So, he addressed it.

At this time,Troy Ave has not spoken about the incident. Clearly, Maino and Wack have re-ignited their beef.

Where this will end up is anyone’s guess. Stay Tuned!

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