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Freeway Recalls Dissing Nas

Freeway Recalls Dissing Nas

Freeway Recalls Dissing Nas. Philly rapper Freeway recants dissing Nas during his beef with Jay-Z. Now, Freeway clarifies how it affected him.

Freeway Talks Dissing Nas

Freeway Recalls Dissing Nas. According to HipHopDX, Freeway wasn’t proud of his Nas diss. Seemingly, he felt pressured into choosing a side.

Recently, the Roc the Mic rapper sat with VLAD TV, and visited memory lane. They dive into the the Jay-Z and Nas beef from the early 2000s.

Apparently, Freeway even drew comparisons to the Queens legend at one point. Still, he sided with the Roc despite his admiration for Nas.

“I love Nas, I gotta just let y’all know that,” Freeway said. “That was painful for me. ‘Cause when I was a young boul, they used to call me the Philly Nas. I had this song and I had this hook, ‘They love to hear the story how the thugs live on worry/ Ducking down the car seats, heat is mandatory.’ Like, I LOVE Nas.”

Free continues:

“But like I said, When it come time to ride for the team, I’m riding for the team,” Free added. “At that time, we in the middle of it. And it’s time to show and prove. And I’m letting people know what it is: I’m riding for the team. You got a problem with Big Homie, you got a problem with all of us.”

Essentially, the New York lyricists put the feud behind them. At that point, Freeway confessed to Nas that he indeed was a fan.

Of course, the feeling was mutual. They hashed it out during the Roc Boys video shoot.

“When we got outside, I was like ‘Look Nas, I know I dissed you; but I love your shit, I used to listen to your shit as a young boy’,” Freeway recalled. “He was like, ‘Free, I love your shit too, I ain’t even gon’ front, I be listening to you too.’ I was happy we had that moment and I got to tell him how I really felt. That was major for me.”

In fact, Nas followed Free back on Instagram—which solidified their new found friendship. Luckily, the situation never escalated too far.

Freeway Recalls Dissing Nas

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