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Busta Rhymes Responds To Benzino’s Critique Of Video W Coi Leray

Busta Rhymes Responds To Benzino’s Critique Of Video W Coi Leray

Busta Rhymes Responds To Benzino’s Critique Of Video W Coi Leray. The renowned American rapper and hip-hop artist recently found himself embroiled in a controversy surrounding his music video for “Luxury Life” featuring rising star Coi Leray. The footage was critiqued by fellow artist and former CEO of The Source Magazine, Benzino. Benzino had an issue with his daughter Coi Leray being allegedly partially nude. And Benzino voiced his concerns on social media. He responded when Busta heard what Benzino said about the video with him and Coi Leray. In response, Busta defended the artistic expression behind the video and shed light on the collaborative process with Coi Leray.

Busta Rhymes Responds to Benzino’s Critique of “Luxury Life” Video

Busta Rhymes Responds To Benzino’s Critique Of Video W Coi Leray.

Benzino disapproved of the “Luxury Life” music video in a now-deleted Instagram post.

He claimed the video was not a good look for his daughter, Coi Leray.

As a father, he argued, Coi did not have enough clothes.

And, he felt it was inappropriate, allegedly due to Busta’s age.

Benzino felt Coi should not be dressing in that fashion.

Also, he felt Busta should have reached out to him first, as stated by Vibe.

However, Coi is an adult; does she need her father’s approval?

She is not dating Busta, especially since it was only a music video.

Benzino called Busta out on the video, as stated by The Source.

All hell seemed to break out after what Benzino shared.

However, Busta Rhymes swiftly responded to Benzino’s critique, defending the artistic vision behind the video.

In his response, Busta Rhymes emphasized that the “Luxury Life” video was not done in poor taste.

If Benzino had any issues with him, he could have shared it with him.

Instead, Benzino took to social media to express his issue with Busta.

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Coi Leray’s Collaboration with Busta Rhymes Sparks Controversy

Aside from the video critique, both men understand how things go as it relates to business.

Some critics argued that Coi Leray should have collaborated with young artists.

But what difference does it make who Coi creates music with?

Wouldn’t having a veteran like Busta invite you to create songs would be better?

After all, Busta has been rapping for many years.

Not to mention, working with Busta is an honor for any new artist.

On the other hand, supporters of the collaboration applauded the partnership.

It would be better to highlight the opportunities working with Busta creates for Coi Leray.

I am not looking at the negative aspects of working with someone older.

In addition, Coi gained exposure from collaborating with the seasoned rapper.

While opinions may differ, it is essential to appreciate the creativity and intentions behind such works.

As fans and critics continue to voice their opinions.

Remembering that collaborations can allow artists to learn, evolve, and explore new horizons is crucial.

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