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Budden vs. Gillie: Beef Heating Up!

Budden vs. Gillie: Beef Heating Up!

Budden vs. Gillie: Beef Heating Up! Hip-hop is never short of rivalries, and the latest one to make headlines is Budden vs. Gillie.

Who Will Win The War Of Words?

Budden vs. Gillie: Beef Heating Up! Joe Budden, the former rapper and now a popular podcaster, and Gillie Da Kid are going back and forth on social media.

The beef is heating up, and hip-hop lovers love it!

And the conversations between the two are heating up.

Let’s take a closer look at this spicy feud.

Joe Budden and Gillie Da Kid have been trading insults on social media. A Twitter exchange has started a war,

In February, Budden took the first shot of an episode from The Joe Budden Podcast.

Budden and N.O.R.E. spoke about rappers who tried to transition into the podcast game with little to no success.

From that point on, Budden had been receiving heat from fellow podcasters. First, it was Cam’Ron who fired shots at Budden.

Now, it’s Gillie who is at war with Budden.

However, both Budden and Gillie have bad blood. Their beef started years ago.

The feud has been ongoing for a while, and it is still unclear who will come out on top.

I remember Budden dissing Gillie in 2020, as stated by Media Takeout.

As stated by Hip Hop DX, Gillie called Budden out for not owning his podcast.

There is no love lost between Budden and Gillie.

Now, their feud has been re-ignited with this latest Twitter war, as stated by Complex.

Budden vs. Gillie is Getting Spicy!

The Budden vs. Gillie feud is getting spicier by the day, and hip-hop lovers love it.

Social media is abuzz with fans taking sides and predicting who will come out on top.

The two rappers are not holding back and bringing their A-game to this feud.

The Budden vs. Gillie feud is not going away anytime soon.

We can expect more drama and entertainment in the coming days.

Hip-hop beef is a staple in the music genre, and the Budden vs. Gillie feud is the latest to capture the attention of fans.

While it is unclear who will win, one thing is for sure; this feud is not going away anytime soon.

Hip-hop lovers can sit back and enjoy the drama and entertainment that this rivalry brings.

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