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Bad Boys 3 Coming To Theaters Soon!!!!!

Bad Boys 3 Coming To Theaters Soon!!!!!

Bad Boys 3 Is Coming To Theaters January 17, 2020. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will be reprising their roles as the  Detectives Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett. Producer DJ Khaled will also be starring in it as well. We ride together, we die together, Bad Boys For Life.

Will Smith: The Rapper, Actor, and Businessman

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According to, Will Smith is a rapper, actor, father, husband, and now he’s a businessman. He first got his start as a rapper with hits like “Parents Just Don’t Understand”, “Summertime” and the list goes on and on. In 1990, he starred in on the hit TV show, “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” that ran for 6 seasons. Afterwards, he began starring in movies in which is first 8 movies all have grossed over $100 million domestically, $150 million internationally. He’s been nominated for Oscars’ twice for his roles in Ali and The Pursuit of Happiness. He has debut his Bel Air Athletics line this year.

Martin Lawrence: From Comedian to Movie Star

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Martin Lawrence is a comedian who first got his start as Cee in the classic movie, Do The Right Thing. He then became the host of Def Comedy Jam, until he starred in the classic show, Martin, as radio DJ/talk show host Martin Payne. He also starred on classic movies such as Boomerang, Bad Boys, Life, and Big Momma’s House and many more.

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