Donovan McNabb Fired From ESPN For Sexual Misconduct

Former Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Now NFL Analysts Donovan McNabb was fired from ESPN for an allegedly sexually harassing a colleague.

Diddy Plans On Buying The Carolina Panthers!

Hip Hop Mogul Sean Combs Announced On Social Media That He Plans On Purchasing The Carolina Panthers!! 

Lavar Ball Starts His Own Basketball League?!?! | Hip Hop ...

Lavar Ball a Basketball Commissioner? If you are a basketball fan, you should know who Lavar Ball is. He is the father of basketball prospects Lamelo Ball and Liangelo Ball, along with a current NBA PG and 2nd overall pick, ...

Jordan Bell Gets So Disrespectful With This Move

Steve Kerr tried to apologize to Rick Carlisle postgame about the Jordan Bell dunk, Carlisle zipped right past, displeased.

Diddy Wants To Buy The NFL?!?

Diddy Wants To Buy The NFL Sean John Combs, also known as Diddy, wants to buy the NFL. The NFL has been the host of many different protests, like the protests of the national anthem by the players and Donald ...

Things Get HEATED Between Corey Holcomb & Stephen A Smith!!

Things Get HEATED Between Corey Holcomb & Stephen A Smith!! Corey Holcomb has some choice words regarding Stephen A. Smith and how Stephen A. views black people on his well recognized platform. Listen to both sides and be the judge ...

Jay-Z Shows Love for Colin Kaepernick

In a a recent Saturday Night Live appearance, our man Jigga, A/K/A Jay-Z keeps the narrative relevant and shows hip hop supports Colin Kaepernick.

Carmelo Anthony. Leaving NY For Good???

The New York Knicks had finally found a team willing to give up the correct combination of players to land (potential) hall of fame player Carmelo Anthony.

McGregor Releases a Final Statement After the Mayweather Fight.

McGregor Releases a Final Statement. After the Mayweather vs. McGregor bout, Conor McGregor had one final statement.”I thought it was close though and I thought it was a bit of an early stoppage. I was just a little fatigued. He ...

Why Lonzo Ball’s $495 Sneakers BROKE All The RULES In ...