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Floyd Mayweather Breaks His Silence!!!!

Floyd Mayweather Breaks His Silence.The legendary boxer is mourning the death of his beloved uncle and children’s mother simultaneously, for lack of better words. Not to mention, that is daughter is in a lot of trouble. Tragedy has hit Floyd ...

2 Chainz Feeds The Homeless In Atlanta!!!!

2 Chainz Feeds The Homeless In Atlanta. At the start of the Coronavirus pandemic many states shut down non- essential businesses. The Escobar and Tapas restaurant’s owned by rapper 2 Chainz was only providing take out orders only. 2 Chainz ...

Kanye West Becomes A Billionaire!!!

Kanye West Becomes A Billionaire. It’s official. The Chicago born rapper is the second hip hop billionaire. Now, Jay Z and Kanye have billionaire in common. First Jay Z now Kanye becomes a billionaire Kanye West becomes a billionaire. Clearly, ...

Jackie Long Of ATL Hints At Movie ATL2!!!

Jackie Long Of ATL Hints At Movie ATL2. The classic cult movie was made in 2006. The ATL movie  was a hit with audiences. As a matter of fact it was just on television. Jackie talks about working with T.I. ...

Pop Smoke Auto Theft Charge Dropped!!!

Pop Smoke auto theft charge dropped. The late rapper was charged last January for stealing a vehicle, but the charge was dropped on Monday. Pop Smoke The Brooklyn-born rapper Bashar Jackson whose stage name is Pop Smoke was gunned down ...

Kanye And Chick Fil A Serve 300K Meals!!!!

Kanye And Chick Fil A Serve 300K Meals. The pandemic of Coronavirus has a lot of people in need of food. There are so many people not working. And, this is a great way for celebrities like Kanye to give ...

NBA Youngboy Disturbing Message On Twitter!!!

NBA Youngboy Disturbing Message On Twitter. The young rapper deleted all of his social media post. And, then he explained why he did it. What is really going on with NBA Youngboy? NBA Youngboy disturbing message on Twitter. Of course, ...

Lil Wayne Gives Advice To Reginae On Men!!!

Lil Wayne Gives Advice To Reginae On Men. In case you all don’t know Reginae is Wayne’s oldest child. Reginae shares breakup on Family Hustle Lil Wayne gives advice to Reginae on men. Reginae is one of the actors on ...

The Game Will Give Entire Pay To Priscilla!!!

The Game Will Give Entire Pay To Priscilla. Unfortunately, Priscilla is the new owner of  The Game’s record label. Will The Game file for bankruptcy? The Game will give entire pay to Priscilla. Also, Priscilla Rainey gets all of Game’s ...

YNW Melly Request Early Release From Jail!!!

YNW Melly Request Early Release From Jail. Unfortunately, YNW has Covid -19. YNW Melly request was denied YNW Melly request early release from jail. The rapper’s attorney Bradford Cohen told the judge in Florida YNW Melly condition has worsen. And, ...