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Happy Birthday, Common!!!

Happy Birthday, Common! Rapper, Actor, Writer, and Activist turns 48 years old today. Let’s check out his top 7 songs on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart. Common Top 7 Songs #1 – LOVE OF MY LIFE (AN ODE TO HIP HOP) ...

Making The Band Playing It Safe Due To COVID-19!!!

Making The Band was set for a reboot on MTV. But because of the Coronavirus outbreak things have changed. It’s all about being safe. Making The Band Allowing Aspiring Artists to Audition Remotely Making The Band is an “American Idol” ...

Floyd Mayweather Ex-Girlfriend Josie Harris Found Dead!!!

Floyd Mayweather ex-girlfriend, and mother to 3 of his children, was found dead in her car. She was found by police unresponsive in her car in front of her home in Valencia, California. Floyd Mayweather Had Tumultuous Relationship With Former ...

Wendy Williams Blasts Nicki Minaj Again!!!

Wendy Williams Blasts Nicki Minaj Again. Unfortunately, Nicki is getting a lot of heat for her choices in men. And, Wendy had no problem pointing this out. Is Nicki’s husband hurting her brand? Wendy Williams blasts Nicki Minaj again. Wendy ...

TI And Killer Mike Will Re Open Bankhead Seafood!!!!

TI And Killer Mike Re Open Bankhead Seafood. This is great news for residences of the Westside of Atlanta. Especially, since the restaurant was closed in January 2018 after 50 years of service. Historic Bankhead Seafood will reopen soon TI ...

Harvey Weinstein Sentenced to 23 Years In Prison!!!!

Harvey Weinstein Sentenced to 23 Years In Prison. The former Hollywood mogul may never see the outside of prison ever again. Will Harvey serve out the entire 23 years? Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in prison. Some people are ...

Nelly Maybe Relaunching Apple Bottoms Clothing!!!

Nelly Maybe Relaunching Apple Bottoms Clothing. The rapper from St. Louis became famous for his Midwest hip hop style.And, Nelly branched off into acting. Nelly’s apple bottom jeans were very popular Nelly Maybe Relaunching Apple Bottoms clothing. I am sure ...

Feds Swarmed Meek Mill’s Private Jet In Miami!!!

Feds Swarmed Meek Mill’s Private Jet In Miami. It appears that Meek cant’t get a break. Although, Meek has been a model citizen for some time now, trouble seems to follow him. How did Meek become a target for the ...

Dababy Slaps Fan, Show Ends Before It Began!!!

Dababy slaps fan at his concert. So enraged by this incident, the fans booed him out of the venue. The show was over before it even got started. Dababy Got Sone Explanin’ To Do Dababy had a concert planned on ...

Judge Allows Megan Thee Stallion To Release New Music!!!

Judge Allows Megan Thee Stallion To Release New Music. A few days ago Megan went on social media to express her concerns with her former management team 1501 Certified Entertainment. J Prince beefing with Megan and Roc Nation Judge allows ...