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Nick Cannon Gets To Host Wild N Out Again!!!

Nick Cannon Gets To Host Wild N Out Again. This has been a very controversial situation for the TV host. Surely, Nick is glad about this. Did Nick have a valid point? Nick Cannon gets to host Wild N Out ...

Diddy Suing Sean John For $25M!!!!

Diddy Suing Sean John For $25M. This is not the first time Diddy had issues with the clothing line. Could Diddy win this lawsuit? Diddy suing Sean John for $25M. This lawsuit could get really messy. Especially, since Diddy is ...

TI & Tiny Reality Show Suspended!!!

TI & Tiny Reality Show Suspended. Will the dynasty of this hip hop couple come crumbling down? Is this the end of “The Family Hustle”? TI & Tiny reality show suspended. At first, it appeared this was just a witch ...

Situation Getting Worst For Casanova 2X!!!

Situation Getting Worst For Casanova 2X. Can this young rapper stop with the shenanigans? Why draw more attention to yourself, Casanova 2X? Why did Casanova do the Tik Tok challenge? Situation getting worst for Casanova 2x. What just got reports ...

Lil Uzi Vert Pierced Forehead W $24M Diamond!!!!

Lil Uzi Vert Pierced Forehead W $24M Diamond. The Philly rapper did something I have never seen before. And, this piercing could change his life forever. Will diamond affect Lil Uzi Vert’s health? Lil Uzi Vert pierced forehead w $24M ...

Gene Deal Inside Info On Biggie’s Contract!!!

Gene Deal Inside Info About Biggie’s Contract. The former body guard of Sean “Diddy” Combs reveals unknown information. Gene had the scoop on Diddy & Big? Gene Deal inside info about Biggie’s contract. It sounds like Gene had all the ...

Rapper Chief Keef Was Hospitalized!!!

Rapper Chief Keef Hospitalized. We found out that the Chicago born rapper has some sort of illness. What is Chief Keef suffering from? Rapper Chief Keef was hospitalized. A photo of Chief Keef was posted on his Instagram. The photo ...

Silento Accused Of Murder!!!

Silento, the “Watch Me Whip, Watch Me Nae Nae” star is accused of murdering his cousin. Rapper Silento Charged With Killing His 34-Year Old Cousin Ricky Lamar Hawk, known as Silento is just 23 years old. However, since his burst ...

Styles P Ask Diddy About His Royalties!!!!

Styles P Ask Diddy About His Royalties. The rapper whose birth name is David Styles was a member of rap group The Lox. Who is responsible for paying Styles P royalties? Styles P ask Diddy about his royalties. This story ...

Columbus Short Powerful Interview!!

Columbus Short Powerful Interview. For those who counted Columbus out, eat your words. He is on the comeback. Columbus has turned over a new leaf Columbus shot powerful interview. This young actor was on the rise to becoming Hollywood’s elite. ...