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Top 5 Hip Hop Cyphers!!!

Top 5 Hip Hop Cyphers. You may be asking what is a Cypher? A Cypher or Cipher is an informal gathering of rappers, R&B singers performing together. In recent years, the BET Award show has showcased the very best Cyphers. ...

Lil Kim Gets Faux Fur From PETA!!!

Lil Kim gets faux fur from PETA. Outside of Verizon Media Studios earlier this week, the rapper was confronted by those protesting her wearing fur. Lil Kim Does Not Want PETA Invading Her Personal Space Feeling her personal space invaded, ...

Does Rihanna Disagrees With Jay Z NFL Deal???

Does Rihanna Disagrees With Jay Z NFL Deal? Did Rihanna call Jay Z a sell -out before he signed his deal with the NFL? Why would Rihanna back pedal now? Of course, Rihanna’s interview was before Jay Z decided to ...

Tekashi Secures $10M Record Deal Behind Bars!!!

Tekashi Secures $10M Record Deal Behind Bars. Rapper Daniel Hernandez aka Tekashi wins again. Not only will Tekashi possibly coming home before Christmas but he going to make a helluva lot of money, as well. Being a snitch pays off ...

2019 Hip Hop Awards: And The Winner Is…!!!

2019 Hip Hop Awards: And The Winner Is…!!! With multiple wins, these hip hop stars took home 2 trophies each, Lil’Nas X, Cardi B, and Megan Thee Stallion and Travis Scott. But the biggest winner was J Cole, taking home ...

Kim K West Helps Man Serving Life Get Released!!!

Kim K West helps man serving life get released. Kim received a lot of backlash for her decision to become a lawyer. However, it did not stop Kim from helping with criminal justice reform. Some thought that Kim working at ...

Birdman Loses $1M Lawsuit To Former Employee!!!

Birdman loses $1M lawsuit to former employee. Brian Williams aka Birdman of Cash Money record label is in big trouble. Birdman might lose all of his assets after this lawsuit. We all remember how Birdman lost his fight to stop ...

Tekashi 69 Might Be Out By Christmas!!!

Tekashi 69 Might Be Out By Christmas. There are some new developments in the Tekashi 69 sentencing date. Apparently, Tekashi has made a request to the judge to have his hearing moved up. The judge has agreed. The new sentencing ...

Tiny Harris Is Robbed Of $750K In Jewelry!!!

Tiny Harris is robbed of  $750K in jewelry. Tameka Harris aka Tiny is the wife of famous Atlanta rapper T.I. Also, Tiny is one of the singers in the legendary R & B group Escape. Tinys’ wedding ring along with ...

Drake Responds To Fathers Claim That The Rapper Is Lying!!!

Drake responds to his father’s claim that the rapper lied about him being an absentee father to sell his records, says he was hurt. Drake Says He Woke Up So Hurt Rapper Drake is one of the most successful, popular ...