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Jay Z Sold TIDAL For $350 Million!!!

Jay Z sells TIDAL for $350 million. After owning the music streaming service for the past 6 years, Jay Z offloads the bulk of it for a sweet profit. Jay Z Offloads Tidal To Square In 2017, 33% of TIDAL ...

Sean Paul Talks About DMX Misunderstanding!!!

Sean Paul Talks About DMX Misunderstanding. After the death of legendary rapper DMX we hear from Sean. What happened between DMX and Sean Paul? Sean Paul talks about DMX misunderstanding. In this very powerful interview with hosts O’God and SamAnt ...

Swizz Beatz Powerful Words On DMX!!!

Swizz Beatz Powerful Words On DMX. Hip hop’s beloved soldier Earl “DMX” Simmons homegoing service took place over the weekend. Swizz Beatz shocks the crowd Swizz Beatz powerful words on DMX. It was at DMX memorial service that Swizz spoke ...

Dr. Boyce Watkins Addresses Cardi B!!!

Dr. Boyce Watkins Addresses Cardi B. Why is there such a double standard in the music ministry? Let’s hear Dr. Boyce’s perspective. Shall we! Does Cardi’s music affect children? Dr. Boyce Watkins addresses Cardi B. Does hip hop music negatively ...

Black Rob Manager Blasts Diddy!!!

Black Rob Manager Blasts Diddy. We lost another hip hop artist. This brother who had the hit single “Whoa!” is gone. Manager Kal Dawson speaks out! Black Rob manager blasts Diddy.   Kal went in hard on those who could have ...

Irv Gotti Speaks On DMX’s Death!

 Irv Gotti Speaks On DMX’s Death. The hip hop community is still in shock. One of their own soldiers Earl “DMX” Simmons has fallen. DMX left quite a legacy Irv Gotti speaks on DMX’s death. I can remember DMX leader ...

Rapper Shock G Dead At 57!!!

Rapper Shock G Dead At 57.  Shock G was famous for the hit record “The Humpty Dance.” The Humpty Dance was a party favorite Rapper Shock G dead at 57. Unfortunately, TMZ reported the sad news. What I was able ...

Bardi Beauty Cardi B’s Latest Business Venture!?!

Bardi Beauty may be the latest venture by Cardi B. Just this Thursday, it was revealed that the rapper filed legal papers to secure the name. Bardi Beauty May Be Sitting On Your Dresser Soon Look who’s jumping into the ...

Luther Vandross Honored By Google Video Doodle!!!

Luther Vandross, the R&B singer, had all the ladies swooning to his deep, soulful voice. Now, he is honored with a Google video doodle. Vandross didn’t just sing though, he was also a songwriter and record producer. He would have ...

Bimmy Talks About DMX’s Death!!!

Bimmy Talks About DMX’s Death. This hip hop pioneer sat down with hosts O’God and SamAnt. What Bimmy revealed was mind blowing. Bimmy’s discussion was riveting Bimmy talks about DMX’s Death. In the last few weeks we have lost hip ...