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The Color Purple Reboot: Essence Magazine Spotlights Cast

The Color Purple Reboot: Essence Magazine Spotlights Cast

The Color Purple Reboot: Essence Magazine Spotlights Cast. The beloved and iconic novel “The Color Purple” by Alice Walker has captivated audiences for decades. Its powerful story of resilience, love, and empowerment has been brought to life on both the big screen and the stage. In an exciting development, Essence Magazine has taken the opportunity to spotlight the cast of the upcoming reboot of “The Color Purple.” Essence provides an in-depth look at the talented actors bringing this timeless story to a whole new generation in their exclusive coverage.

Essence Magazine Celebrates “The Color Purple” Reboot: Meet the Cast!

The Color Purple Reboot: Essence Magazine Spotlights Cast

The pressure to find the perfect actors is undoubtedly immense when casting a reboot of such a beloved story.

This movie was re-created as a reflection of the block-busting hit by director Steven Spielberg.

When “The Color Purple” hit the theaters in 1985, it was met with some controversy.

Never before had we seen a  movie depicted on Southern characters as complex.

Each character is from Mister (Danny Glover), Celie (Whoopi Goldberg), Shug (Margaret Avery), and Nettie (Akousua Busia).

Also joining the cast was new famous talk show host Opray Winfrey as Sofia.

It was one of the most controversial black films in history.

There was ridicule by some critics who felt “Mister’s” character was not reflective of most black men.

However, others agreed that Spielberg accurately depicted the role of “Mister.”

Be that as it may, “The Color Purple” garnered  Alice Walker a Pulitzer prize, as stated by Wiki.

The movie was nominated for 11 Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Actress, and Best Supporting Actress.

Other awards include Best Adapted Screenplay and four Golden Globe Awards.

Needless to say, “The Color Purple” was a huge box office success.

Quincy Jones was also involved with the project as the music director.

Jones is one of the most celebrated music choreographers and directors ever.

After that, “The Color Purple” debuted on Broadway with another great cast of performers.

Oprah, Quincy, and Steven teamed up again to breathe new life into this timeless treasure.

A Timeless Treasure “The Color Purple” Re-imagined

This reboot is in good hands because added to the cast are Fantasia Barrino (Celie) and Danielle Brooks ( Sofia).

In addition, Taraji P. Henson (Shug), H.E.R.(Squeak), and Colman Domingo as (Mister).

Essence’s issue for November and December showcases photos of the new cast on the covers.

With the passion and authenticity, these actors bring to their roles.

It was pure genius to recreate this masterpiece.

Especially since “The Color Purple” has made such an impact on films in the industry.

Actress Taraji Henson shared,

“This story lives forever,” says Taraji P. Henson, quite emphatically. “It’s like Shakespeare. It’s never going to go away.”

Perhaps Henson has made a great observation.

It’s not every time we get to reimage characters with the complexity as those in this epic film.

That is why going to the theaters to see it again is imperative.

Check out the trailer and decide for yourself.

Better yet, check out the photo shoot for Essence Magazine.

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