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Charleston White’s Insensitive Comments Towards Gillie Da Kid

Charleston White’s Insensitive Comments Towards Gillie Da Kid

Charleston White’s Insensitive Comments Towards Gillie Da Kid. Controversial figure Charleston White has once again found himself at the center of a social media storm after making insensitive comments towards hip-hop artist Gillie Da Kid. White, known for his outspoken opinions and often inflammatory remarks, sparked outrage with alleged taunting of the grieving rapper who lost his son last July. As a result of his ranting on Instagram, fans began to criticize White.

Charleston White Criticizes Gillie Da Kid, Ignites Outrage

Charleston White’s Insensitive Comments Towards Gillie Da Kid.

In a series of now-deleted tweets and Instagram posts, Charleston White aimed at Gillie Da Kid. The social media personality did the unthinkable. This issue between Gillie and Charleston goes back some years.

However, Charleston and Gillie’s beef has heated up with this latest situation. According to Hip Hop DX, Charleston was allegedly upset that Gillie called him a ‘snitch.’

After hearing what Gillie allegedly said, Charleston re-ignited the feud by mentioning YNG Cheese’s death. Some of what Charleston allegedly said about Gillie’s son, YNG Cheese, is very disturbing.

His comments struck a nerve with many in the hip-hop community, who viewed them as disrespectful and uncalled for. The backlash was swift, with fans defending Gillie Da Kid and calling out White for his lack of tact and empathy.

Social media erupted in response to Charleston White’s insensitive remarks, with many users expressing their anger and disappointment at his behavior.

It’s one thing to allegedly attack Gillie, but to bring his dead son into it, well, that is deplorable. But it is not the first time Charleston has done this. He has a history of controversial statements against celebrities.

Charleston likes getting this sort of attention from the media. Well, his tactics worked because social media has gone into a frenzy.

So far, there has been silence from Gillie. At this point, Charleston’s reputation may take a severe hit. Why would he allegedly say such horrible things about a young man who lost his life?

Especially since, as far as we know, YNG Cheese was innocently shot and killed.

Check out the video below for more commentary.

charleston vs gillie

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