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Rappers T.I. & Killer Mike Revive Atlanta Seafood Joint

Rappers T.I. & Killer Mike Revive Atlanta Seafood Joint

Rappers T.I. & Killer Mike Revive Atlanta Seafood Joint. Atlanta is known for its vibrant music scene and rich culinary traditions. In a unique collaboration, two legendary rappers, T.I. and Killer Mike, have joined forces to revive an iconic seafood joint in the heart of Atlanta. This partnership brings together two influential artists and adds a new chapter to the city’s culinary history. With their shared passion for music and food, T.I. and Killer Mike are set to make waves in Atlanta’s dining scene.

Rappers T.I. & Killer Mike: Reviving Atlanta’s Seafood Joint

Rappers T.I. & Killer Mike Revive Atlanta Seafood Joint.

Atlanta’s seafood joint, once a beloved institution, had fallen on hard times in recent years.

And the owners of ‘Bankhead Seafood’ closed their doors in 2018.

After hearing of the restaurant closing, T.I. and Killer Mike decided to rescue it.

Now, thanks to the efforts of T.I. and Killer Mike, the restaurant is experiencing a renaissance.

With their deep roots in the city’s music industry, both artists have a solid connection to the local community.

That is why they have both teamed up to revitalize the Bankhead community.

Clifford Harris and Michael Render desire to contribute to Atlanta’s growth and revitalization.

According to Black Enterprise, he is very passionate about making Atlanta a great place to live.

By doing so, he and Mike have put their efforts forward to do all they can.

After all, both grew up in Atlanta’s southside and reviving ‘Bankhead Seafood’ will promote business.

Killer Mike, a rapper with a powerful voice and a strong social conscience,

has also used his platform to address societal issues affecting Atlanta and beyond.

Together, they leverage their influence and resources to restore the seafood joint to its former glory.

They have secured a $1.2 million loan from Greenwood Bank.

Greenwood Bank specializes in loans for Black and Latino consumers, as stated by Fox 5 Atlanta.

This investment by Greenwood makes it possible for T.I. and Mike to reopen the restaurant.

Hopefully, the seafood restaurant will be open by mid-year 2024.

Killer Mike shared,

“This is a transformational milestone for our business, and the broader Southwest Atlanta community,” Michael “Killer Mike” Render said in a statement.“I extend my deepest appreciation to Greenwood and GBC, whose partnership today provided us with the resources we need to kickstart Bankhead’s future and re-build a community gem.”

Also, T.I. joined in by saying,

“Today’s investment serves as a profound testament to the broader vision we’ve cultivated at Bankhead Seafood,” Clifford “T.I.” Harris said.

“It’s exciting to join forces with leaders like Greenwood—whose commitment to uplifting the community echoes our same ethos. This is an exciting moment in our community’s work to foster a legacy of mutual prosperity and support.”

Both men are committed to seeing their childhood neighborhood revitalized.

In doing so, the people of the Bankhead community can have places to dine and eat.

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