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Cardi & Offset Appear In Super Bowl McDonald’s Ad

Cardi & Offset Appear In Super Bowl McDonald’s Ad

Cardi & Offset Appear In Super Bowl McDonald’s Ad. In the Ad Cardi and Offset recited food choices. That is, what foods they like at McDee’s.

McDonald’s Has Designed A Meal For Cardi & Offset

Cardi & Offset Appear In Super Bowl McDonald’s Ad. According to People, the meal will be available on Valentine’s Day. This is the first McDonald’s meal with a celebrity husband and wife.

Also, it is the first meal with duo rappers. In addition, the meal can be shared by two people. Of course, McDonald’s did not create new items. The idea is to promote items already on their menu.

Of course, McDonald’s aired the commercial during Super Bowl LVII. Couples can get the meal with both Cardi’s and Offset’s favorites. It includes  Cardi’s favorite, a cheeseburger, paired with tangy BBQ sauce, and a large Coca-Cola.

Not to mention, Offset’s favorite is a Quarter Pounder with cheese and a large Hi-C Orange Lavaburst. Then the couple’s meal is topped off with two large orders of fries.

Equally important, there is a sumptuous apple pie for dessert. Doesn’t that sound delicious? Even Offset said,

“Let me tell you, McDonald’s is date night done right,” Offset said in the release. “It doesn’t have to be all boujee. Get your date, grab some good food, and have fun, that’s it.”

I agree, I have been on a date at McDonald’s. Cardi admits it was the Super Bowl where their relationship began in 2017.

“What better way to commemorate their union? Furthermore, Cardi mentioned, “Every single time that the Super Bowl comes around, I get a little bit emotional,” Cardi B reflects on a call. The two have a lot going on; they admit it isn’t always easy. “We do have projects to put out this year, and our careers [are] very important to us… and then balancing things out with our careers and our personal lives, you know what I’m saying? Our children and stuff. We are just being grownups. It’s not easy being grownups.”

Keep in mind, food is sometimes considered an aphrodisiac. Sound as though, McDonald’s is launching a new campaign, as reported by Complex. McDonald’s Chief Marketing Officer Tariq Hassan said,

“We’ve been spending a lot of time connecting in culture… and we’ve made that our real focus to make this brand one that connects with our fans. You can’t have that conversation and not think about the universality of how music plays into that connectivity with them from a cultural perspective,” he tells Complex. “We unlocked something with Travis Scott, BTS, and Saweetie, but at their hearts, those were [just] campaigns. What we’ve done since then is we’ve unlocked a strategy [that] goes back to this idea of being [part of] an iconic culture.” He says the company’s pillar of authenticity and awareness of music’s impact led them here. “We’re in the 50-year celebration of rap, and I think that you’re seeing [its influence] not only in rap but even [in] what’s happening with an artist like Bad Bunny; the transcendence of culture and how it shows up in music.”

So, there you have it. Once again, Cardi and Offset setting new trends for hip-hop couples.

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