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Michael K. Williams Upcoming Memoir!!!!!

Michael K. Williams Upcoming Memoir!!!!!

Michael K. Williams Upcoming Memoir!!!!!  The late and great actor and producer, Michael K. Williams will be putting out his memoir, postumously.

Michael K. Williams: About His Soon To Be Memoir!!!!!

According to, late actor Michael K. Williams was coming down from a three day drug bender when he met Barack Obama during a 2008 campaign stop.

“The Wire” star, who died from an accidental overdose last September, made the startling admission in a memoir written prior to his passing

The memoir, “Scenes From My Life” is set to be published later this month. In an excerpt obtained from Daily Mail, Williams recalls being invited to attend an event in Harrisburg, VA, by Obama. He wrote,

I couldn’t even put my words together. I was such a mess. Obama shook my hand and I could see it in his eyes.

He was like, I don’t got time for this. He kept it moving. I was not in my right mind. I told people I was nervous but actually I had lockjaw from too much cocaine.

At the time, Obama was the junior senator from Illinois and was making a run for president. Williams said he was so preoccupied with drugs that he was “clueless” as to who the politician was.

Also, in his memoir, the actor writes about his rise to fame and his years on “The Wire” where he played gay stick up man Omar Little. Despite gaining critical and popular acclaim for the role, the star was never able to beat his battle with drugs.

As we all know, Williams was found dead in his home, which was caused by an acute toxication from a mix of fentanyl, p-fluorofentanyl, heroin, and cocaine.

Four people was charged and arrested by police, charged with selling the star lethal bags of fentanyl-laced heroin. They have all pled guilty.

In conclusion, I will definitely be copping his book to read more about his life.

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