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Rare Audio Reveals Why Jay-Z No Longer Deal With Foxy Brown and Amil!!! | Throwback

Rare Audio Reveals Why Jay-Z No Longer Deal With Foxy Brown and Amil!!! | Throwback

Rare audio reveals why Jay-Z no longer deals with Foxy Brown & Amil!!! The truth, according to Jay-Z, as to why he broke ties with these two rappers, Amil and Foxy.

Why does Jay-Z No Longer Deal With Foxy Brown and Amil?

Here is a blast from the past! Hip Hop Legend Jay-Z was interviewed by Angie Martinez on Hot 97 back in the day.  Angie asked Jay about Foxy Brown first, a rapper and actress, as to why he no longer deals with her.  Jay’s response,

“She got her facts wrong, her timing was wrong.  She said I left her out in the cold back in ’98. I don’t know, I just think her facts are a little whack.”

As for Amil, who is a rapper and songwriter, Jay thought she was a diva and very demanding.  Even though he praised Amil for her talents and songwriting abilities, he thought –

‘The album that she made was amazing, I was really impressed with that”  “It was like Diana Ross, for real.  I don’t know how Berry Gordy did it.”

These are not rumors, these words are straight outta the mouth of Jay-Z himself.  Listen for yourself.


Foxy Brown JayZ and Amil

Check out the video above for more details

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