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Watch Janelle Monae’s Eye-Popping “Lipstick Lover”

Watch Janelle Monae’s Eye-Popping “Lipstick Lover”

Watch Janelle Monae on her latest visual for the track “Lipstick Lover”. Explore how the mesmerizing video showcases her unique style and message.

If you’re looking for a bold and empowering video, this music video will leave nothing to your imagination. Monae captures the essence of confidence and beauty in this one.

Watch Janelle Monae and Get Ready to be Transfixed In Bold New Visual For “Lipstick Lover”

From the moment the video starts, you’ll be entranced by Monae’s captivating presence. The sexual tension between her and her lady loves is creating a vibrant world that draws you in. Monae’s moves are smooth and confident, commanding your attention and leaving you in awe. No matter what side of the fence you are on, you can’t help but feel empowered by her boldness.

Her first album since 2018’s Dirty Computer, the 37-year-old singer/rapper/songwriter/actress announces that her/their fourth studio album is on the way. The Age Of Pleasure project is slated to arrive on June 9.

watch janelle monae in new video "Lipstick Lover"

Already, the beauty dropped off another video from the project, Float.

From Killer Beats to Bold Lips: The Mesmerizing World of Janelle Monae

Monae’s music has always been known for its unique blend of genres, and “Lipstick Lover” is no exception. The song’s funky beats and catchy lyrics will have you dancing along in no time. Monae’s powerful voice adds another layer of emotion to the song, making it impossible not to sing along.

The video itself is a visual masterpiece, with colorful costumes and vibrant backdrops. Monae’s unique style shines through in every frame, and her message of self-love is clear. The video is a celebration of diversity and individuality, encouraging viewers to embrace their own unique beauty.

Watch Janelle Monae on her bold new official music video for “Lipstick Lover” on YouTube, as it is age-restricted.

Janelle Monae’s “Lipstick Lover” video is a must-watch for anyone looking for a dose of confidence and inspiration. From her mesmerizing moves to her bold-in-your-face sexuality, Monae’s message of self-love and acceptance is clear. So grab your favorite shade of lipstick and get ready to strut your stuff like the fierce and fabulous Janelle Monae!

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