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Usher Unleashes ‘Good Good’ with Summer Walker and 21 Savage

Usher Unleashes ‘Good Good’ with Summer Walker and 21 Savage

Usher taps Summer Walker and 21 Savage on his latest music visual. The trio lights up the screen in the video for ‘Good Good’.

Usher Taps Summer Walker and 21 Savage in ‘Good Good’ Video

Usher, the multi-talented R&B artist, has once again captivated audiences with his latest music video release for the hit single ‘Good Good’. This star-studded extravaganza features the incredible vocal talents of Summer Walker and the charismatic presence of 21 Savage. The collaboration between these three artists has resulted in a mesmerizing spectacle that is sure to leave fans in awe.

Usher, Summer Walker, and 21 Savage Light Up The Screen

Usher’s latest music video for ‘Good Good’ is a visual feast. It is showcasing his ability to create captivating and unforgettable experiences for his fans. With its stunning production value and attention to detail, this video serves as a testament to Usher’s dedication to his craft. His commitment to delivering nothing short of excellence is evident.

One of the highlights of the ‘Good Good’ music video is the appearance of the talented Summer Walker. Known for her soulful voice and emotive performances, Walker brings a unique energy to the song. She is complimenting Usher’s smooth vocals. The chemistry between the two artists is undeniable, resulting in a collaboration that is both beautiful and powerful.

Adding to the star power of ‘Good Good’ is the appearance of 21 Savage. Known for his distinct rap style and gritty lyrics, 21 Savage brings a raw intensity to the track. He is adding an unexpected twist to the already dynamic duo of Usher and Walker. This unexpected collaboration showcases Usher’s ability to transcend genres and create music that appeals to a wide range of audiences.

Check out the official music video now –

Usher’s ‘Good Good’ music video cements his status as a musical visionary. By bringing together the incredible talents of Summer Walker and 21 Savage, Usher has created a star-studded spectacle that is nothing short of extraordinary. This collaboration serves as a reminder of Usher’s ability to push boundaries and reinvent himself. He is cementing his status as one of the most influential artists of our time.

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