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RZA Praises Burna Boy’s Brandy and Ma$e Sampled Single

RZA Praises Burna Boy’s Brandy and Ma$e Sampled Single

RZA Praises Burna Boy’s Brandy and Ma$e Sampled Single. Burna Boy has been making waves in the music industry of late. Now, he is sampling music by Brandy and Ma$e.

RZA Praises Burna Boy’s Sampled Single

RZA Praises Burna Boy’s Brandy and Ma$e Sampled Single.

Burna Boy seems to be operating in “his own chamber,” said RZA.

Wu-Tang Clan frontman  took to social media to share his thoughts on Burna Boy’s “Sittin on Top.”

He praises the Nigerian artist for his innovative use of samples from Brandy and Ma$e’s “Top of the World.”

It’s due to Burna Boy’s use of the samples being “dope” and bringing back memories of the ’90s.

RZA’s praise of Burna Boy’s “Sittin on Top” is a testament to the Nigerian artist’s growing influence in the global music scene.

The fact that a legend like RZA would take notice of Burna Boy’s work is incredible.

That means RZA appreciates the quality of the music that the Nigerian artist is putting out.

It also speaks to the power of music in bringing together artists from across the world.

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Brandy and Ma$e’s Music Inspires RZA

RZA’s praise of Burna Boy’s “Sittin on Top” is not just about the Nigerian artist’s use of samples.

It also highlights RZA’s love for the music of Brandy and Ma$e.

The Wu-Tang Clan producer has previously spoken about how Brandy’s music.

Also, RZA and Burna Boy are inspired by Ma$e’s music in the ’90s.

It shows how music can transcend geographic and cultural barriers and unite artists.

It also highlights how the history of music is intertwined, with one artist’s work influencing another’s.

As Burna Boy continues to make waves in the music industry, it is clear that his innovative use of samples is creative.

That is why a lot of rappers and producers in the US respect Burna Boy’s musical genius.

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