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Gucci Mane Announces Big Scarr Album Dropping Soon

Gucci Mane Announces Big Scarr Album Dropping Soon

Gucci Mane Announces Big Scarr Album Dropping Soon. The young rapper died suddenly. Big Scarr will not get to realize his dream.

Gucci Celebrates Big Scarr’s Album Release Without Him

Gucci Mane Announces Big Scarr Album Dropping Soon. In 2020, Alexander Woods aka Big Scarr was the featured artist on Gucci’s 1017 label. And, he had a promising career.

However, Woods lost his life at the tender age of 22. At the time, fans did not know why Woods died. But, some people thought it was gun violence. Especially since gun violence appears to be the leading cause of rappers dying.

In this case, it was not gun violence. Unfortunately, Woods died from an accidental prescription drug overdose. According to The Source, Woods died just three days before Christmas last year.

His death was so unexpected and it left his family devastated. Not only that, his mentor Radric”Gucci Mane” Davis was taken by surprise. A lot of controversies ensued after Woods’s death.

Soon after Woods’s death, family members went after Davis. Allegedly, Davis did not pay for Woods’s funeral. All hell broke loose.   a feud on social media started brewing against Davis.

It was Wood’s brother who sparked the feud. At the time, Davis’s wife Keyshia Ka’Oir felt compelled to produce receipts. She showed funeral receipts on social media.

But that did not stop Wood’s sister and brother from continuing the feud. In the midst, Wood’s father jumped in to defend Davis aka Gucci Mane. Instead of accusing Davis, he thanked him.

In fact, here is what Woods Senior shared,

“First of all, I got to send shouts out to Atlantic Records man. They gave my son a big boy chance. Gucci – I got to send shouts out to Gucci too. Y’all might not like it but I got to give my boy what he did, man,” Scarr’s father said during an Instagram Live session. “He gave my son a major major chance man. I can’t let y’all throw dude under the bus like that. Come on now, the truth is the truth, man. I gave nobody permission to do that.”

Obviously, the family came to terms with Davis. After all, Davis did shell out $20,000. Now, Wood’s new album is dropping on Friday.


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Clearly, after seeing this Instagram post, Davis is sadden. Hopefully, new music by the deceased rapper will honor his legacy. Also, Woods family should proud of what he was able to accomplish.

Rest In Power Big Scarr!!!

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