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Did Brandy Throw Shade At Jack Harlow?

Did Brandy Throw Shade At Jack Harlow?

Did Brandy Throw Shade At Jack Harlow? Is Brand really dissing Harlow? Or is it just some friendly fire.

Brandi Flips The Script On Jack Harlow

Did Brandy Throw Shade At Jack Harlow? You can say Harlow asked for some smoke. And, Brandy is the one to give it to him. Especially since, Brandy has a long, long resume.

Well, Brandy didn’t really say Harlow’s name, as reported by XXL Mag. But clearly, she was throwing shots his way. Here are some bars from her diss song,

“That don’t mean jack in the streets/Jack of all trades, now I’m here jacking for beats/Queen’s cancelled but you can never cancel a queen,” she spits.”

She then goes on to say, “Over 20 years and I am still a topic/A picture’s worth a million now I’m feeling philanthropic,” she rhymes.

“43 and feeling like a kid with millions watching/popular but now I’m poppin’ shit for those out of pocket.”

— Brandy Legion (@BrandyLegion) May 11, 2022

All of this took place after Harlow did not know who she was. Nor did he know Brandy was Ray J’s sister. Right after, she shared this,

“I will murk this dude in rap at 43 on his own beats and then sing his ass to sleep.” Obviously, Brandy was not done, so she created a diss just for Harlow. Which further solidifies her mastery of the mic.

Brandy – I Wanna Be Down (Official Video)


Just in case you don’t know, Brandy started her career as an actor on “Thea” a classic sitcom. Not to mention, Brandy had her own sitcom “Moesha.” Her music has been around for more than 20 years.

Equally important, Brandy has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Whitney Houston, Whoopi Goldberg, and Brandy starred in “Cinderella.”

Furthermore, Brandy acted in the cult classic movie “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.”According to Famous People, “is a quintessential American R&B singer-songwriter, actress, and record producer.”

She is a bonafide superstar. To top it off, Brandy’s first album “Brandy”, sold over six million copies (1994).

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