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Cardi B’s TikTok Remix With Latto Is Skyrocketing

Cardi B’s TikTok Remix With Latto Is Skyrocketing

Cardi B’s TikTok Remix With Latto Is Skyrocketing. The TikTok remix has worked wonders for Latto’s latest single, “Put It On The Floor.” With users creating dance videos and memes using the track. Latto’s stream numbers have seen an impressive boost. Thanks to the viral trend started by the remix.

Cardi B’s TikTok Remix Magic

Cardi B’s TikTok Remix With Latto Is Skyrocketing.

During Coachella 2023, Latto released “Put It On Da Floor.”

However, it did not do as well as she thought.

Luckily, Cardi put her magic on the track.

Now, both rappers are becoming TiK Tok sensations, as stated by Afrotech.

Rightfully so, almost every time Cardi collaborates with another artist, the magic happens.

This time is no different.

As the collaboration with Latto has earned 3.92 million-on-demand streams.

Also, Cardi’s popularity on the app has helped spread the song’s popularity.

Cardi B’s remix magic has significantly introduced the song to a broader audience.

Resulting in a massive surge in Latto’s streaming numbers and social media following.

I guess we can say Cardi has the Midas touch.

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Sends Latto Stream Soaring

According to Yahoo, users worldwide are taking up the challenge to dance to the song.

Additionally, the song is trending as #1 on YouTube and souring on Apple Music.

The remix has also helped the rapper gain new fans unaware of her music.

As for Latto, she has continued to rise as a star since entering the game in 2016.

Therefore, this collab with Cardi is helping to solidify her spot in hip-hop.

This remix has been a game-changer for Latto’s career.

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