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Jennifer Hudson And Common Unite in Thriller ‘Breathe’

Jennifer Hudson And Common Unite in Thriller ‘Breathe’

Jennifer Hudson And Common Unite in Thriller ‘Breathe.’ Some of Hollywood’s brightest stars have joined forces in the heart-stopping thriller ‘Breathe,’ creating a storyline that will captivate audiences worldwide. Celebrated for their acting talents and impactful performances, Jennifer Hudson, Milla Jovovich, Common, and Quvenzhane Wallis have come together to deliver a gripping cinematic experience that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. With their combined star power and undeniable chemistry, this powerhouse pair is poised to take the film industry by storm.

Hollywood’s Newest Power Couple: Jennifer Hudson and Common

Jennifer Hudson And Common Unite in Thriller ‘Breathe.’

In ‘Breathe,’  a story about a mother and daughter unfolds with them both fighting for survival. According to The Source, this sci-fi thriller is set after the Earth is left inhabitable.

The story begins with Maya (Jennifer Hudson) and her daughter Zora (Quevenzhane Wallis) in an underground bunker.

The film, directed by Stephon Bristol, features Jennifer Hudson, Milla Jovovich, Common, and Quevenzhane Wallis.

This film is a Black List screenplay by Doug Simon (Dimension’s Demonic). The Hollywood Reporter states that Breathe occurs after Earth is uninhabitable due to a lack of oxygen.

Fans and onlookers will see an action-packed thriller starring Milla Jovovich of Resident Evil. Jennifer Hudson fans will enjoy yet another example of Jhud’s acting skills.

JHud has already won an Academy Award for her performance in Dreamgirls. She will again prove her acting chops in a vulnerable and fierce role.

Rapper/ actor Common joins the cast as Maya’s husband, Darius. Darius created a state-of-the-art oxygen suit that allows Maya and Zora to take short trips on the surface.

‘Breathe’ Brings Together Several A-List Actors In Heart-Pounding Thriller

Joining JHud and Milla are actors Common and Quevenzhane’ Wallis. Both Common and Quevenzhane’ have acted in films.

Common starred alongside fellow rapper/actor Dana Owens (Queen Latifah) in ‘Just Right.’ And, Quevenzhane’ starred alongside actor Jamie Foxx in  the remake of ‘Annie.’

The film is scheduled to be released on April 26, 2024. It sounds like ‘Breathe’ will be a film worth watching.

If you have enjoyed films by the actors I mentioned, check out this new thriller.

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