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Mike & Evander Launch Cannabis Edibles

Mike & Evander Launch Cannabis Edibles

Mike & Evander Launch Cannabis Edibles. Two boxing legends team up. Who would have ever thought this was possible? Especially since they were bitter rivals.

Both Boxing Legends Are Releasing A Gummie Collection

Mike & Evander Launch Cannabis Edibles. Iron Mike and Evander spoke with TMZ Sports. The interview was very surprising. I would have never believed they would endorse Cannabis gummies.

Not to mention, the gummies will look like Evander Holyfield’s ear. Yes, you heard me correctly. Both boxing legends are going to make money.

You all may not remember the infamous fight between Holyfield and Tyson. However, during the fight on June 28, 1997. During the fight, Tyson reached over and allegedly bit off some of Holyfield’s ear.

I will never forget how the crowd at MGM Grand responded. It was unbelievable, to say the least, as reported by Talk Sports. Never before had something of this nature happened? Especially as it relates to boxing.

Of course, there have been illegal headbutts and shoving. But to bite your opponent’s ears was a first. From that point on, Tyson and Holyfield were at war. The fight became known as the “The Bite Fight.”

For years Mike could not live it down. As a result of allegedly biting Holyfield, Tyson was disqualified. To top it off, Tyson tried to fight Holyfield, again. Needless to say, it was quite a debacle.

Apparently, the two have made amends. Otherwise, they would not be partnering up. Having said this, Tyson shared his thoughts about the joint venture,

“It’s a privilege to reunite with my former opponent and now long-time friend, and turn years of fights and knockouts into a partnership that can make a positive impact and heal people,”

Here is an infomercial with Tyson and Holyfield,

By the way, in a TMZ Sports interview, Holyfield mentioned he has tried out the product. And, he was allegedly impressed. Check out his response,


Some of the young rappers can take pages from these legends. There can be reconciliation after beef. As you can see, Tyson and Holyfield buried the hatchet years ago. Now, they are forming a powerful merger.

Will you try” Holy Ears” Cannabis edibles or not? Listen, some people say that legal Cannabis helps their pain. What say you?

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