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Kodak Black Set Was Canceled

Kodak Black Set Was Canceled

Kodak Black Set Was Canceled. The Florida rapper was late for his appearance. The unthinkable happened. He was not allowed to perform.

Kodak Calls Out Jay-Z And Festival Coordinators

Kodak Black Set Was Canceled. Unfortunately, Made in America canceled Kodak’s set. It was due to his lateness. Kodak was scheduled to perform this weekend in Philadelphia.

However, he was allegedly a few minutes late. As a result, he was not allowed to go on the stage. This made Kodak really upset. Afterward, he blasted the festival coordinators.

And, he proceeded to send a message to Jay-Z, as reported by The Source,

“Aye, Made In America, I don’t know what’s going on,” said Black. “This the first show ever a nigga a ‘lil late to, and a nigga can’t perform. No money, none of that shit. Jay-Z, whoever running this shit. Roc Nation, Live Nation whatever the fuck. Y’all do better, homie. This the first show a nigga a ‘lil few minutes late to, and bitch what the fuck? I got fans out here wanting to see a nigga!”

Do you agree with Kodak? Did the coordinators make a mistake in canceling his performance? Or was Kodak being late too much? Needless to say, Kodak was not going to keep quiet.

His rant on social media made headline news. Rightfully so. What harm would it have done to let Kodak perform? Wasn’t it about the fans paying to see Kodak?


kodak black

I wonder if Jay-Z would have made the same decision. Be that as it may, Kodak’s efforts to protest went unnoticed. Or at least it seems so. Our city of Brotherly Love host it on the Benjamini Franklin  Parkway.

Many people come from all over to watch the performances. Shawn “Jay-Z Carter is the curated. It is the end of the summer concert series. Bad Bunny and Tyler the Creator performed during the concert.

Also, Burna Boy, Chimbala, Snoh Aalegra and Feurza Regida performed live. Overall, the festival was a big hit.

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