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Will Smacking Chris Backlash Continues

Will Smacking Chris Backlash Continues

Will Smacking Chris Backlash Continues.  The slap that was seen around the world is still being talked about. Memes of the incident dominate the internet.

Will Police Arrest Smith?

Will Smacking Chris Backlash Continues. Alright already. Haven’t we heard enough? Yes, I agree, that Will should face some sort of consequence. But why are we still talking about it?

Is it possible people love controversy? Whatever happened to forgiveness? Was this all staged? Some people think that the slap was a publicity stunt. While others believe Will smacked Chris Rock.

Especially since it is difficult to fathom the alleged mild manner of Will Smith hitting someone. Truthfully, something happened between Will and Chris. That is for certain.

For this reason, we believe we saw Will hit Chris, or did we? Be that as it may, some reports are mentioning that police visited Will’s home in Calabasas.

What we were able to gather is that a police car was parked outside of his mansion. Of course, details of the officers at his home are sketchy.

But it appears that something took place on Tuesday at his residence. Keep in mind, that although Chris Rock did not want to press charges, Will could still be charged.

Authorities can press charges if the incident is considered to be an assault. In addition, The Academy can band Will from attending future award shows.

Not only… but also, Will receiving this kind of backlash could hurt his career. Not to mention, he could lose offers from movie projects.

Ultimately, Will could be arrested and he could lose future endorsements.

What Role Did Jada Play In The Incident?

What was going through Jada’s mind? Was it her look of disdain for Chris’s joke that caused Will to act? Or was Will so overwhelmed by the G.I. Jane joke against his wife?

For whatever reason, Will should not have hit Chris. Under no circumstances is it ever acceptable to slap someone. As I have stated earlier, this could all be a stunt.

If so, both Will and Chris should be ashamed. Someone posted a comment on Facebook that I tend to agree with. When it comes to Hollywood antics will we ever know the truth?

Do you think Jada bears some responsibility for Will’s reaction? Couldn’t she have stopped Will from going on stage? Was what Chris said about Jada the last straw?

Unfortunately, the fall-out from Will smacking Chris is far from being over. More importantly, was Will’s historic will dampened by his hitting Chris? After all, it was Will’s first Academy Award.

At the same time, this has been an educational moment for us. Wouldn’t you say? By the way, according to Page Six, it was a siting of a drone that brought police to Will’s home.

Imagine that!!!!


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