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Tekashi 69 Lawyers Want Their Money

Tekashi 69 Lawyers Want Their Money

Tekashi 69 Lawyers Want Their Money. Where is Tekashi? Is he missing? Or is he hiding? Did he take the money and run?

Tekashi 69 Disappears Without Paying His Attorneys

Tekashi 69 Lawyers Want Their Money. His lawyers claim Tekashi has not paid them. For this reason, they are resigning. According to All Hip Hop, the NY rapper may have disappeared.

Or he may just be in hiding. Either way, he has to answer someone. The law firm of Meloni & McCaffrey informed U.S. District Judge Hector Gonzalez of their intentions.

Furthermore, attorney Robert Meloni claims he has rarely spoken with Tekashi. Therefore, he has taken drastic measures. Here is his account of events,

“From June 2021 until March 2022, I had sporadic communications directly with Mr. Hernandez, and mainly communicated with him via texts,” Meloni wrote. “At the beginning of the representation, until March 2022, I communicated almost entirely with Justin Kobay, the business manager for Mr. Hernandez and his companies whenever I needed to consult with someone about this action or the other matters I was handling for Mr. Hernandez. Mr. Kobay would act as a liaison. However, Mr. Kobay resigned as business manager for Mr. Hernandez in March 2022.”

Where can Tekashi be hiding? Will he pay what he owes? In addition, attorney Meloni mentions he was in contact with Tekashi’s brother Oscar Hernandez. But communication has ceased.

In other words, no one from Tekashi’s camp is responding. In fact, he last spoke with Tekashi in March 2022. Looks like to me, Tekashi does want to be found. And, if so, why not?

Does Tekashi have the money to pay his attorneys or not? Could that be the reason why he is avoiding them? Not to mention, attorney Meloni claims he needs Tekashi to make certain decisions.

To top it off, attorney Meloni does not have an address for Tekashi. Will Tekashi’s failure to respond put him in prison? Now, attorney Meloni has asked the judge to permit email correspondence.

Because they have no other alternative. So, they will send court documents to Oscar Hernandez. As always, we will bring you updates. Where is Tekashi? Inquiring minds want to know.

Check out the video above for more details.

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