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Rapper Blueface Arrested for Alleged Las Vegas Robbery

Rapper Blueface Arrested for Alleged Las Vegas Robbery

Rapper Blueface Arrested for Alleged Las Vegas Robbery. Johnathan Porter was recently in court on other charges when he was arrested. Allegedly, Blueface was arrested for a robbery.

Rapper Blueface Arrested in Las Vegas

Rapper Blueface Arrested for Alleged Las Vegas Robbery.

During a hearing on June 7, Blueface got a big surprise when he was taken into custody.

Apparently, in November 2022, Blueface was accused of robbery. In addition, Blueface allegedly was caught with a firearm.

According to XXL Mag, there was a probable warrant issued for Blueface.

At the time, he was in a preliminary hearing for other charges.

Blueface’s attorneys, Lisa Rasmussen and Kristina Wildeveld, were unsure why he was being charged.

However, he has been charged with multiple counts of robbery and possessing a deadly weapon.

That is in the previous November case, as stated by TMZ.

We found out that after Blueface was booked, he was later released.

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Accused of Robbery, Faces Serious Charges

The charges against Blueface are severe and could result in significant jail time if he is found guilty.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police approached Blueface and was allegedly slammed against a wall.

Blueface’s arrest in Las Vegas is the latest in a string of legal troubles for the rapper.

While he has achieved significant success in the music industry, his life has been plagued by controversy.

For some reason, Blueface was involved in many run-ins with the law.

Unfortunately, after being arrested this time, he may face considerable jail time.

The outcome of his current case remains to be seen.

But the charges against him are severe and could significantly impact his career and future.

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