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Patrick Clark Charged With Murder In Rapper Takeoff’s Shooting

Patrick Clark Charged With Murder In Rapper Takeoff’s Shooting

Patrick Clark Charged With Murder In Rapper Takeoff’s Shooting. The incident occurred last year in Texas at a bowling alley. Quavo and Takeoff were together when Takeoff was gunned down.

Arrest Made: Patrick Clark Charged with Murder in Rapper Takeoff’s Shooting

Patrick Clark Charged With Murder In Rapper Takeoff’s Shooting.

After Clark was released on a $1 million bond in January.

That was after he was arrested as a suspect in Kirsnick Ball’s, aka Takeoff murder.

Clark, a 33-year-old, was arrested and taken into custody by Houston Police.

He was initially held on a $2 million bail, but it was reduced.

His arrest was the result of a significant development in the case.

According to TMZ, Clark’s attorney Carl Moore said, “The action by the grand jury was not unexpected.”

Fans of Migos and Takeoff have been following the developments closely.

We are waiting for trial dates now that Clark has officially been charged.

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Sadly, Takeoff Was An Innocent Bystander

What happened to Takeoff was very tragic.

Especially since he was only in Houston visiting.

We now know that Takeoff was standing watching an alleged crap game.

As stated by The Source, a fight broke out, which resulted in Clark allegedly firing into the crowd.

According to sources close to the investigation, Clark had a history of violence and had been involved in several altercations.

It is unclear at this time whether he knew Takeoff or whether the shooting was a random act of violence.

Patrick Clark’s official charge with murder should put Takeoff’s family at ease. For months they had no idea who murdered Takeoff.

Perhaps now they can have some closure. Of course, it won’t be easy to move forward without Takeoff.

Nevertheless, Takeoff’s family can rely on each other’s strength to get them through.

As the case progresses, more details about the shooting and the events leading up to it will likely come to light.

For now, fans of Migos and Takeoff are mourning the loss of a talented musician.

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