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Hurricane Chris Found Not Guilty Of Murder

Hurricane Chris Found Not Guilty Of Murder

Hurricane Chris Found Not Guilty Of Murder. The Shreveport, Louisiana rapper was cleared of all charges. Therefore, he is free.

Hurricane Chris Will Go Free

Hurricane Chris Found Not Guilty Of Murder.

Christopher Dooley was indicted by the Gaddo Parish Jury, as reported by Complex.

In October 2020, he became a suspect in a fatal shooting.

A 32-year-old victim Danzeria Farris Jr. was shot and killed.

The fatal shooting happened outside a Texaco store in Shreveport on June 19, 2020.

Officers arrived on the scene to find Farris shot in his chest, stomach and hip.

Farris was taken to a nearby hospital. Sadly, Farris later died from his injuries.

At the time, Chris was arrested. However, he was later released on $500k bond.

As a matter of fact, throughout his ordeal, Chris maintained his innocence.

Needless to say, Chris claimed he shot Farris in self-defense.

In addition, Chris declared Farris tried to steal his Mercedes -Benz.

It was during Chris’s trial when inferences about “Deebo” were mentioned, as reported by TMZ.

Obviously, Chris’s attorney thought it was a fair comparison to Farris.

Deebo was late actor Tiny Lister’s character in the movie “Friday.”

In other words, Farris’s stature was compared to Deebo.

Alex Washington Chris’s attorney making that analogy helped find Chris innocent.

After the verdict, Chris thanked everyone,

“Tonight I was found not guilty of second degree murder and illegal possession of stolen things,”“I wanna thank God, my attorneys at the Washington & Wells law firm, and my family for standing with me as my life was on the line. They wanted to give me life if I was found guilty. Now I can hug my son and think about raising him to be a man. This situation drained me and affected my health greatly. God, I give you all the glory. I got my life back and words can’t explain how I feel. Thanks to everyone who wished me well.”

Now that Chris has been declared innocent, he can start over.

That’s not all, the “A Bay Bay” rapper can start creating music again.

As well as, spend time with his family. Furthermore, Chris has been given a second chance.

Hopefully, he will make the best of it.

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