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Gucci Mane’s Artist Big Scarr Dead At 22

Gucci Mane’s Artist Big Scarr Dead At 22

Gucci Mane’s Artist Big Scarr Dead At 22. The Tennessee rapper signed with Gucci’s label 1017.But his career has ended abruptly.

Big Scarr’s Career Was Booming

Gucci Mane’s Artist Big Scarr Dead At 22. News of the rappers death are very sketchy. In fact, we don’t even know the cause of death.

However, it has not stopped Gucci from posting on social media. According to XXL Mag, it was his friend Baby K who encourage him to try rap.

Afterwards, Alexander “Big Scarr” Woods decided to try it. He dropped the song “Make A Play.”

As a result, he received 50,000 views on YouTube. It was then he realized he could have a career in hip-hop.

In 2020, he signed with Gucci’s 1017 record label. I would say the rest is history. However, before Big Scarr’s career could take off he died.

Big Scarr’s mixtape (2021) “Big Grim Reaper “did well. It did so well, he was going on tour with Key Glock.

The tour was scheduled for the spring of 2023. Scarr was part of 2022’s XXL Freshman Class.

Big 30 his cousin and fellow Freshman rapper posted a photo on his Instagram.

Also, Gucci shared his disbelief and hurt in the passing of his artist.

His cousin also posted a message saying,

“We done that,” 30 wrote over the post along with purple heart emoji.”

He went on to say,

“Fuck what they talk bout you know watt was up with us [broken heart emoji]. I can’t tell Shiesty this, I love you cuz we was together last night for hours you know how I came bout you.”

Now, that Scarr has passed tributes are pouring in. Unfortunately, the hip -hop community keeps losing rappers. It is almost an epidemic.

We keep losing young people, left and right. Of course, we don’t know what happened to Scarr. As always, we will keep you all posted.

Another talented rapper gone too soon.

big scar dead

Check out the video above for more details.

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