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Finesse2tymes’ Accused Of Orchestrating Assault Against His Brother

Finesse2tymes’ Accused Of Orchestrating Assault Against His Brother

Finesse2tymes’ Accused Of Orchestrating Assault Against His Brother. Rapper finesse2tymes, known for his catchy beats and edgy lyrics, finds himself amid controversy as he is accused of orchestrating an assault. With a growing fan base and several hit songs, finesse2tymes has become a prominent figure in the hip-hop industry. However, these recent allegations have questioned his reputation and left fans wondering about the truth behind the accusations.

Rapper finesse2tymes Accused Of Orchestrating Assault: The AllegationsFinesse2tymes” Accused Of Orchestrating Assault Against His Brother.

The allegations against finesse2tymes are bizarre.

According to Hip Hop Dx, the alleged brother of Finesse2tymes claims he was beaten.

Allegedly, a group of Finesse2tymes crew publicly beat up his brother, whose name is not known at this time.

The victim allegedly suffered a head injury, as he showed on his X live.

This incident leaves questions about what happened to the alleged victim.  Finesse2tymes’s brother especially would not give more details of the alleged incident.

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finesse2tymes Responds To Assault Accusations: Unveiling His Defense

In response to the assault accusations, finesse2tymes took to social media.

Here is what he shared,

“N-gas get on the internet [lying] for clout shyt wild, then views ain’t gone get u no money.”

As you can see, Finesse2tymes is claiming this could be a ploy to get media attention.

These allegations are nothing more than an attempt to tarnish his reputation.

Furthermore, he admits he focuses on his new baby with GF FNG Shugga.

Whether or not Finesse2tmes was involved in the incident or not is unclear.

However, time will reveal which of the brothers is telling the truth.

Until then, fans and critics alike will anxiously await the resolution of this controversy.

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