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Diddy Alleged Altercation With Power Star

Diddy Alleged Altercation With Power Star

Diddy Alleged Altercation With Power Star. The music mogul was out enjoying Halloween. Dressing up as the Joker became no laughing matter.

Diddy Was Just Trying To Spread Love

Diddy Alleged Altercation With Power Star. On Saturday, Oct 29th, Diddy was out perusing. When he ran into “Power” actor Michael J. Ferguson. Apparently, Ferguson did not know who Diddy was.

And, somehow they had a heated exchange of words. A video of the incident went viral. You can see Sean”Diddy” Combs going back and forth with Ferguson. The exchange went on for a few minutes.

According to XXL Mag., both men were face-to-face. During the alleged altercation, Ferguson called Combs a “pussy” several times. That is when Diddy said this,

“You’re a clown,” Diddy responds. “What’s up, baby. You don’t like me? You muthafuckin’ frontin’. Get to it, bitch. Don’t fucking play with me on Halloween. I’m out here with love, nigga…What’s up? Come over here and I’ll bust your shit. Next time, you don’t never talk to me like that, nigga. I’m Love.”

However, Ferguson was not amused by Comb’s antics. Perhaps, Ferguson did not know it was Combs. Somehow, Combs let Ferguson know it was him under all the makeup. That is when things changed.


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Before they both left the scene, each man laughed it off. That could have been a horrible situation. Especially since Ferguson was ready to go to blows. Or at least it appears he was.

Fortunately, Combs was able to lighten the mood. Afterward, Combs jumped on social media. Here is some of what he shared,

“Had a fun night. It’s all love. Hugged like Black kings should do when it comes to some bullshit, he wrote.”

In a follow-up comment he added, “Love love love.”

Obviously, Ferguson did not get the memo. Each year Combs dresses up for Halloween. This year, he dressed as Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker. He dressed as the clown Pennywise from the movie “It.”

If I might say so myself, Combs nailed it both times. Not to mention, Combs had been known to give lavish parties. Nevertheless, Combs and Ferguson nearly came to blows. Furthermore, adverted negative press.

Overall, the night went well. We can’t wait to see what Combs will wear next Halloween.

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