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Did Ray J Unravel On Social Media?

Did Ray J Unravel On Social Media?

Did Ray J Unravel On Social Media? Suicide Is no joking matter. And, I hope Ray J gets the help he needs.

Is Ray J Seeking Attention Or Not?

Did Ray J Unravel On Social Media? No matter what we all think, Suicide Ideation is serious. Here is some information about this mental issue,

Intrusive thoughts and a preoccupation with death and dying are what define suicidal ideation. Occurring due to stress and a person’s inability to cope in a healthy manner, the presence of suicidal ideations frequently mean that an individual is suffering from a mental illness. Ideations can range in gravity from brief thoughts about death to well-established plans for how an individual will end his or her own life. Sadly, if this kind of thought process persists, a person is at an increased risk for self-harm, attempts at suicide, or suicide completion. (”

Therefore, anyone who displays these behaviors need help ASAP. If you know anyone with the aforementioned, contact this number (988) dialing this number takes you straight to a counselor.

I digress. In the case of Ray J, he must be taken seriously. And, that is why his sister Brandy sent him love on social media. We should be sending love Ray J’s way.

According to TMZ, Ray J posted a caption on Instagram with his feet dangling. It appeared he was sitting on the edge of a ledge.

Let’s take this moment to shed some light on this issue. This could be someone close to you. A cry for help is a cry for help. In other words, offer support, not criticism.

Having said this, I realize celebrities do outrageous things. Certainly, it may look suspicious. But either way, this is a wake-up call. On another note, it is odd this all happened to him.

Just a few weeks ago, Ray J outed Chris Jenner. He admitted he has the receipts to prove it. I’m referring to his and Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. Allegedly, Chris Jenner spearheaded the sex tape scandal.

Did they retaliate? Of course, we are just making observations. Nevertheless, I would not be surprised if they are behind his unraveling. Then again, maybe not.

We have all heard about the so-called alleged “Kardashian curse” towards men. Not only that, you can’t buy into media hype. Be that as it may. I hope Ray J’s mental state improves.

After all, he is a talented young man. He is well-loved by his children and family. Sending our love and light.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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