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Chrisean Rock Returns To Blueface’s House Amid His Incarceration

Chrisean Rock Returns To Blueface’s House Amid His Incarceration

Christean Rock Returns To Blueface’s House Amid His Incarceration. Surprisingly, Christian has moved back to Blueface House. Blueface turned himself in for violating his probation. At the time, Blueface and Chrisean were allegedly split up. However, it appears that the on-again-off-again couple is back together. However, where does Blueface’s other baby momma stand in this new situation? As their fans wonder if Blueface and Christian are a couple again, others are skeptical.

Christian Rock Singer Reunites with Rapper Blueface’s Incarcerated Household

Chrisean Rock Returns To Blueface’s House Amid His Incarceration.

Amidst the buzzing news of rapper Blueface’s incarceration, a striking reunion occurred at his secluded residence. According to TMZ, Christean was seen behind a moving truck as her things were removed.

Also, a few days later, Christian was seen with a massive tattoo of Blueface plastered on her cheek. And we are all wondering if the tattoo is temporary or permanent.

Just a few months ago, Bluefacee purchased a $2.6 million home in LA, as stated by XXL Mag. At the time, Blueface’s baby momma, Jaidyn Alexis, was living with their two children.

Meanwhile, Blueface and Chrisean were beefing over their newborn son. For some time, Blueface was claiming Chrisean’s son was not his. Then Blueface was seen lying in a bed with their alleged son.

Things got even worse when Christian allegedly accused Blueface of striking her. This alleged incident happened when she dropped off the baby to him.

As you can see, this embattled couple continues to have issues. Now, Chrisean is pledging her undying support for her baby daddy. Having said this, we are waiting to see if Blueface has something to say.

Fans and onlookers eagerly anticipate more details. Blueface and Chrisean continue to have one of the most disturbing relationships in hip-hop.

On another note, what will happen to Jaidyn if Christian lives in Blue’s house? Will the two women share the residence until Blueface gets out of jail?

Or is this another publicity stunt to keep Blueface and Chrisean relevant? What are your thoughts??

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