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Bobby Shmurda Is Upset With His Music Label!!!

Bobby Shmurda Is Upset With His Music Label!!!

Bobby Shmurda’s fans have been patiently awaiting the arrival of his new project. The Brooklyn rapper has dropped off a few new songs, with “No Time for Sleep (Freestyle)” being his first since getting out from prison back in February. He had also been teasing his next mixtape but has been silent about it as of late.

On Wednesday, the 27-year-old shared an update regarding his project on Instagram and subsequently deleted it. According to a screenshot via the Shade Room, Shmurda explained he doesn’t have any control over when his tape will drop, and that his label is getting in the way.

Should Bobby Ask To Be Released From His Contract? 

Bobby Shmurda has been out for a while now. However, there hasn’t been much movement in regards to his having new music. Of course, we see him dancing and rapping to his old tunes but nothing new.

“I ain’t been in charge of my music since I was 19 years old and I jus turned 27 and honestly idk when shit dropping so don’t ask me shit go ask them mf’s since they wanna control everything. Shmurda is signed to Epic Records and managed by Roc Nation, so it’s unclear who the culprit is in this situation. Back in August, the month before Bobby dropped “No Time for Sleep,” he told fans he’s constantly on the move, which is to blame for his lack of music. “I’m Bizzy running round needed some time to breathe they had me locked up In the pins doing 23!” he wrote.

It appears that Pollard has been a victim of the notorious 360 Slave Deal. And, if that is the case, he does not have autonomy over anything concerning his music. This is why he has not been able to release any new music, as reported by Complex.

It is very unfortunate because Pollard is very talented. Many were looking forward to his style of rap returning. But if Pollard aka Bobby Shmurda’s record label (Epic) has control over his music, he will have to wait. Also, that means his fans have to be patient. Hopefully, things will work out for him.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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