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Blueface Drops ‘Free Blueface’ EP During Jail Stint

Blueface Drops ‘Free Blueface’ EP During Jail Stint

Blueface Drops ‘Free Blueface’ EP During Jail Stint. Rapper Blueface treated his devoted fan base with a special gift after becoming an authority figure. The artist dropped a brand new EP, aptly titled ‘Free Blueface,’ which is a welcome surprise to his supporters. With a distinct style and unique sound, Blueface has made a name for himself in the music industry, and this latest release showcases his talent and resilience even after facing legal hurdles.

Blueface’s New EP: A Gift for Fans After Jail

Blueface Drops ‘Free Blueface ‘EP During Jail Stint.

Blueface’s latest EP, ‘Free Blueface,’ is a testament to his dedication to his fans and craft, as stated by XXL Mag. The project features seven tracks showcasing the rapper’s signature West Coast hip-hop style infused with catchy hooks and hard-hitting beats.

The EP perfectly blends Blueface’s lyrical prowess and infectious energy, creating an immersive experience for listeners. The EP includes collaborations with notable artists such as Kevin Gates and DDG, exciting this highly anticipated release.

Blueface’s ability to seamlessly blend his unique rap style with diverse features highlights his versatility as an artist. Each track on the EP offers a glimpse into the artist’s growth and evolution, making it a must-listen for fans and rap enthusiasts alike.

Here is the list;

  1. Pop It
  2. Winning
  3.  Aight
  4. Ova (feat. YungMagnificent, Kevin Gates & TruCarr)
  5. Friday
  6. Get Aware
  7. Why I Got To


Johnathan Porter got into trouble for an alleged shooting in Las Vegas. The shooting landed him in big trouble.

However, Blueface got probation by the judge on his case, as stated by Hip Hop DX. This should have been enough to keep him out of trouble.

Trouble seems to follow the young rapper, and we have all seen his turbulent relationship with his former girlfriend, Christian Rock.

In addition, Blueface continues to have issues with his children’s mother, Jaidyn Alexis. Some reports are suggesting Blueface children’s mother is the reason why he is behind bars.

His mother posted a message on social media allegedly blaming both Chrisean and Jaidyn for her soon recent incarceration.

Despite that, Blueface is still releasing music from while in the county. And his fans are excited that Blueface is keeping up his momentum.

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