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Birdman’s Cautionary Words To Joe Budden: Hands Off NBA YoungBoy

Birdman’s Cautionary Words To Joe Budden: Hands Off NBA YoungBoy

Birdman’s Cautionary Words To Joe Budden: Hands oOf NBA YoungBoy. Record executive, Brian Williams recently strongly warned fellow artist Joe Budden about his comments about NBA YoungBoy. Budden, a popular hip-hop personality and podcast host, had made derogatory remarks about YoungBoy, prompting Birdman to step in and defend the young rapper. In a series of cautionary words, Birdman clarified that NBA YoungBoy is off-limits and should not be subjected to unnecessary criticism.

Birdman’s Warning to Joe Budden

Birdman’s Cautionary Words To Joe Budden: Hands Off NBA YoungBoy.

Known for his straight-talking attitude, Birdman addressed Budden about dissing NBA Youngboy’s music.

According to Complex, this feud started when Budden allegedly criticized Youngboy Never Broke Again’s lyrics. A

On “The Joe Budden Podcast,” Budden went on a rant about the young rapper’s music.

When Youngboy heard it he fired back with slamming Budden for being allegedly jealous.

Then veteran music mogul Birdman stepped in to defend Youngboy.

And, what he said about Budden’s was some real talk.

The warning was a stern reminder to Budden and anyone else who opposes Youngboy.

That Birdman is fiercely protective of the young rapper’s reputation, as stated by XXL Mag.

Birdman’s intervention was not merely defending NBA YoungBoy but a more significant statement.

Disrespecting rappers who are close to Birdman is a huge mistake.

So, Budden needs to be careful of how he goes after young rappers.

It’s one thing to critique Youngboy’s music, but to allegedly assassinate his character is a no-no.

Birdman’s strong warning to Joe Budden served as a wake-up call to the hip-hop community.

Urging them to be mindful of their words’ potential impact on young artists’ careers and mental well-being.

Check out the video below for more commentary.

birdman vs joe budden

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