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3rd Man Charged In Murder Of DJ Jam Master Jay

3rd Man Charged In Murder Of DJ Jam Master Jay

The legendary DJ was gunned down in 2022. For the most part, his death was a mystery.  In  2020 when two men were indicted for his mu er. 3rd Man Charged In Murder Of DJ Jam Master Jay.

Finally, DJ Jam Master Jay Will Get Justice

3rd Man Charged In Murder Of DJ Jam Master Jay.

Jay Bryant, 49, was indicted in connection with the murder of Jason Mizell. 

According to All Music,  Mizell was in the Queens studio working when two men entered the building.

And Mizell’s murder case took five years to bring someone to justice.

Karl Jordan Jr. and Ronald Washington were indicted and charged with Mizell’s murder.

We discovered that, allegedly, it was a drug deal gone bad, as reported by The New Post.

Nevertheless, there was a third man implicated in the crime.

Bryant was already locked up on other charges when the news broke.

There is going to be an uphill battle for prosecutors.

At this time, the details are a little sketchy.

So far, we know that all three men were allegedly at the shooting scene.

It is not clear if Byrant was the actual shooter.

Especially since Jordan allegedly walked toward Mizell and fired two shots.

Allegedly, one shot struck Mizell in the head.

The second alleged shot hit a witness in the leg.

When it was all said and done, Mizell was dead.

Mizell linked up with friends Darryl McDaniels and Joseph Simmons in 1982.

They became the legendary rap group Run-DMC.

Run-DMC was the pioneer rap group. They bought us hits like “Walk This Way,” My Adidas,” and others.

RUN DMC – My Adidas (Official Audio)

Jam Master J was a beast on the wheels of steel.

Although he was quiet by nature, it was evident Master Jay was a force to be reckoned with.

Along with Run and Darryl rocking the mic, their group became known for their lyrical style.

Hollis Queen natives put their city on the map.

Of course, the rest is history.

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