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Heartbreaking Message From Cash Money’s B.G.!!!

Heartbreaking Message From Cash Money’s B.G.!!!

Heartbreaking Message From Cash Money’s B.G. The New Orleans rapper has sentenced to 14 years in prison. So far, he has served 10 years.

Will B.G.’s letter get him early release?

Heartbreaking message from Cash Money’s B.G. Let’s go back for a minute. Rapper Christopher Dorsey aka B.G. was pulled over with two other men by police back in 2009.

During the search of the vehicle 3 guns were found. At the time one of the other men Demounde Pollard took responsibility for the guns.

However, it was later found out the guns belonged to B.G. The state case was eventually move to a federal court. Two of them three men Jerod Fedison and Demounde Pollard both plead guilty.

And, each men were given a light sentence. But B.G. received 14 years. In my opinion, B.G. may have gotten so much time because of his extensive record.

Although, 14 years is a bit much. Also, we have to take account that the car was stolen from an Alamo rental parking lot.

So, that could have weighed in on the judges decision. Fast forward to the present, according to The Source B.G. wrote a letter to the judge. Here is what some of what he said:

B.G. admitted his guilt and takes “full responsibility” for his role in the crimes, but says that his upbringing in New Orleans during the crack epidemic led him down the road of “violence, death, despair, negative influences, drugs, poverty, and the inherent distrust of law enforcement.” Dorsey added that through his music, “my struggles were confessed to the world, my personal conflicts, my battle with drug addiction.”

In addition, B.G. let the judge know he would atone for his wrong doing. He would dedicate his time to becoming a better influence.

B.G. was the original member of “The Hot Boys”

The Hot Boys were a group with Birdman’s record label (Cash Money). The rap group consisted of Lil Wayne, Turk, B.G. and Juvenile.

You may remember there hit songs ” Tha Block is Hot, Back That Azz Up both collaborations with Lil Wayne and Mannie Fresh.

Of course, the rap group disbanded. Lil Wayne went on to have great success as a solo artist.

rapper BG

Check out the video above for more details.

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