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DJ Cherry Talks About Angie Martinez Leaving Hot 97!!!

DJ Cherry Martinez speaks with hosts O’God and SamAnt in a live interview. Martinez dropped some serious information about radio personalities. You don’t want to miss this explosive interview.

DJ Cherry Left It All On The Table

One of the hottest female DJs in the industry spoke very candidly about her experiences. Deborah Tennyson better known as DJ Cherry Martinez had something to say about DJ Flex and Angie Martinez. During her interview, Tennyson mentioned how she was very upset about the things Flex said about her. In case you don’t remember, DJ Funkmaster Flex allegedly made some very derogatory remarks about Tennyson on the air. In fact, he mentioned that Angie Martinez, “is the only Martinez that matters.”

Tennyson admits she was very wounded by Flex’s words. But she never let anyone know how his negative comments affected her. She continued to build her reputation. Tennyson mentioned Angie’s move from one radio station to another was great. It is very difficult to make a name for yourself in a male-dominated field. Especially, as it relates to breaking into radio and maintaining your status. Tennyson has managed to maintain her career and thrive despite all she has endured.

She talked about her husband being in prison for 14 years. Tennyson talked about how she suffered some depression. It was a very dark time for her and her family. Nevertheless, she stayed loyal to her husband VS The King.

More importantly, the Grammy award-winning DJ has empowered women. She is the chairman/publisher of Cherry On Top. In addition, Tennyson founded an award ceremony celebrating powerful women in media and entertainment, as reported by Wiki. One of the recipients of the award was Reality TV creator Mona Scott. To say that Tennyson is a force to be reckoned with is an understatement. She is so much more.

It was very interesting that Tennyson gave Angie Martinez her props. Once again, both women understand how difficult it is to be a Radio personality. It appears that the two women really understand how to celebrate women instead of putting them down. We can all take a page from Tennyson’s life. She has persevered through some really tough things. She is still standing strong.

angie vs dj cherry

Check out the video above for more details.

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