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Diddy Talks About Joe Biden And Election!!!

Diddy Talks About Joe Biden And Election!!!

Diddy Talks About Joe Biden And Election. The election is fast approaching. It appears that Diddy is thinking about voting for Joe Biden. However Diddy has some concerns.

Is Joe the best choice for people of color?

Diddy talks about Joe Biden and the election. Sean Combs aka Diddy is making sure Joe Biden’s policies are going to serve our community well. Diddy spoke with famous model Naomi Campbell on her YouTube live show “No Filter.”

In other words, Diddy believes Joe Biden must earn our votes. Diddy mentioned that nothing has really changed for Black or Brown people in America. Although there are many Blacks who vote democratic. This election has to make a difference for our people. Diddy share his thoughts:

“It’s whoever’s gonna take care of our community,”he continued.”Our vote is not for free. Whoever wants to make a deal. It’s business at this point. We can’t trust politicians. So, we wanna know very clearly, just like Trump made it clear that he wanted to build a wall, Biden needs to make it clear that he’s gonna change the lives and quality of life of Black and Brown people. Or else he can’t get the vote. And I will hold the vote hostage if I have to.”

We all know Diddy does have the power to influence people to vote. In 2004 , Diddy started the “Vote or Die” campaign, as reported by XXL Mag. As a result a lot of young people showed up at the poles when former president Obama was running for office. In fact, many young people would not have voted if it were not for Diddy.

Personally, I agree with Diddy. So often people of color vote for democratic candidates out of tradition. However, once in office some politicians forget about our community. Therefore, it is very important that we make a well informed choice.

We need to make sure that the candidate we all choose will serve our communities well.Especially, since historically our communities have less access to healthcare,jobs, housing and education. I truly believe we must vote for the person whose policies include assistance for those in our communities.

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