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Did Jackboy Diss Kodak Black?

Did Jackboy Diss Kodak Black?

Did Jackboy Diss Kodak Black? Jackboy dropped a track on August 22. Allegedly, he took shots at rapper Kodak Black.

Jackboy And Kodak Were Former Friends

Did Jackboy Diss Kodak Black? The friends had a falling out last summer, as reported by XXL Mag. Apparently, Kodak called Jackboy “ungrateful.” Their feud heated up on Instagram Live.

We found out that their beef started over NBA Youngboy, allegedly. Kodak was under the impression Youngboy was going to sign with Sniper Gang. But that did not materialize.

And, allegedly Kodak thought Jackboy sabotaged it. Also, it is hard not to believe that Jackboy was throwing shade. The lyrics in his song allegedly mentioned Kodak’s never been to Haiti.

Check out the lyrics for yourself. What are your thoughts?

“You ain’t Z, you bought your way in/Boy you ain’t no killer, you be cryin’ when you get caged in,” “Never been on PC I’m in population with murderers/I was reppin’ yo’ brand goin’ hard makin’ sure they heard of us.”

Then Jackboy proceeded to talk more trash. Now, we can only speculate he was talking about Kodak. However, the shots he fired hit hard. Keep in mind, that both men are from Miami.

Jackboy – Renegade Freestyle (Closure)


In addition, both rappers claim to be Haitian. Furthermore, according to Jackboy’s lyrics is allegedly jealous. Kodak allegedly dissed Jackboy on his release in October,” Super Gremlin.”

Kodak Black – Super Gremlin [Official Music Video]


At one point, Kodak was willing to hash things out. Kodak tried to mend fences with Jackboy. He tweeted this,

“Fucked Up Feeling When You Can’t Even Explain How You Feel & Even When You Do Or Try To You Get Judged By Your Feelings,” he wrote. “Then , Funerals Turn To Photoshoots You Can’t Even Grieve In Peace.”

He added, “Let’s Use This As a Wakeup Call @Jackboy .. Shit Get Real Krazy Real Kwik Out Here , Unexpectedly ! & Fuck This Distance Love N-gga Come Give Me a Hug N-gga.”

As you can see, it did not happen. While Jackboy did not opt to reconcile with Kodak. He did not diss him after Kodak tried to make peace.  At least, that is what we thought.

Be that as it may, both former friends may never reconcile, as reported by Hip Hop DX.

jackboy vs kodak

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