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The Game Blasts Dr. Dre On Drink Champs

The Game Blasts Dr. Dre On Drink Champs

The Game Blasts Dr. Dre On Drink Champs. Jayceon “The Game” Taylor went in on his former/mentor. Also, The Game talked about G-Unit.

The Game Dissed Dre But Praised Kanye

The Game Blasts Dr. Dre On Drink Champs. During his conversation with host DJEFN and N.O.R.E. it was surprising he would blast rappers he previously worked with.

I had no idea that The Game was that upset with Dr. Dre. Not only did he blast Dr. Dre but he dragged Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson ,as well.

Having said this, it appears that The Game was in his feelings. Or at least it seemed so.

Clearly, The Game feels he was allegedly the reason why G-Unit was so successful. Especially since, he said, he was the “G- in G-Unit.”

That is quite a statement to make. But we all knew there was bad blood between him and 50 Cent. However, I was surprised he had beef with Dre.

Well, The Game was just getting started. He then said. “It’s crazy that Ye did more for me in the last two weeks than Dr. Dre did for me my whole career.”

Wow! The Game left it all on the table with that statement.

Even though, The Game started his career with Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment, he did not give him much credit.

Would The Game even have a career without Dre?

Furthermore, The Game talked about his former gang affiliation.

Above all, The Game praised Kanye. Of course, I can understand why he gave Kanye praise.

After all,  Kanye aka Ye did include The Game on his new album.

Due to, the new song entitled “Eazy”, The Game is now enjoying success.

His song is ranking high on Billboard 100 songs. This is a first for the game in his 15 year rap career, as reported by Hip Hop DX.

In addition, The Game went to Miami to perform the song with Ye.  Can you imagine what 50 Cent is going to say once he hears this?

Nevertheless, The Game Blasts Dr. Dre On Drink Champs.

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